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Thread: Unjust IP Ban?

  1. Default Unjust IP Ban?

    This is the problem I get


    I've tried the following:
    1) Release/Renew the IP
    2) Contacting TWC via online chat & requested IP change...they simply said to wait for the lease renewal and a new IP would be issued (lol didn't work)
    3) Turning off the modem+router for like 12hrs
    4) Using a VPN program (which does not work...)
    5) Changing PW
    6) Changing my MAC address w/ Technitium

    Contacted TWC again this morning and they told me leave the modem off for 24hours.


    &Since I know I'm doomed to be asked "if you didn't this or that you wouldn't have gotten IP banned". &So I'm going to answer it here. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Nexon be jewing me

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    Speaking of which, Brazil is locked out of Maple now. BMS went down but Nexon didn't uplift the regional IP ban.

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    American proxys for GMS, anyone?

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    Believe it or not but brazil is a part of EMS now.
    I am serious btw.

  5. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    'Part of' are big words. They're accepted in EMS.

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    Well it makes sense, South America is largely populated by people who immigrated (read: colonized) from Europe.

    I guess European colonization didn't stop with tha intarwebz! :+)

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Whereas the USA is largely populated by people who didn't immigrate from Europe?

    I think the reasoning had something to do with language, although I don't think EMS has a Portuguese server. And this same reasoning should have made all Spanish-speaking American countries belong to EMS as well, which it didn't. But who said MapleStory franchises have to make geographic or linguistic sense?



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