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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Too many requests to the server?

    I've been trying to log in for seven minutes now, and it gives me this...

  2. Default

    I'm getting this also, but I can log onto my bera character o.0... this scania only? Whats odd is when I click "Show all chars" it only shows my bera one....


  3. Harrisonized


    When I click that... I DC.

  4. Default

    Well it makes me wait 5mins then it only shows everyone but the ones from scania...

    =[ I only have 30mins left to get to vic why does Nexon hate me?

  5. Default

    I made a mule in all the worlds on my main login acct... ALL MY SCANIA CHARACTERS ARE MISSING >=O It only crashed in Scania T_T



  6. Default

    Seems scania is down =[? But it shows people are online... What the hell?



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