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    seems to be a way to balance potentials?

    Did they just add weight to the potential stats? Or am i mising someething?

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    They also made it so that the 4th phase of potential items (120+) all give the same stats regardless of levels. It used to be that 150+ or so got better stats than 120.

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    So what were the main changes?

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    Changes were made to reflect the changes in 'the Restructuring' from last week; DEF and other things were buffed.

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    Also there's no better bonuses for 121+ equips, everything past lvl 71 gets the same bonuses.

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    Any chance Weight would refer to the chance of getting that particular bonus? Just a thought.

    On the plus side, this means my level 80-100 gear is the best possible and I might as well invest in it.

    On the minus side, so much for making higher level gear appealing in any way. Untradeable, same potential, harder to obtain.. no thanks.

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    Past lvl 71 it's 9% on unique, same with the other rates.

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    Does this mean existing lvl 121+ items with 12/8/8 bonuses will be changed to 9/6/6 ? Or will those items remain 12/8/8 until you recube them?

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    What we're all going to be wondering is what happens to currently potentialed equips that are over 121? I don't believe KMS had alien pq to worry about when doing this change. How will this effect GMS?

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    Put it this way. Let's hope this particular adjustment arrives in 2015.

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    Yeah thats REEEEAAALY awful if they change 121+ potentials to be 9/6/6 instead of 12/8/8. Like quit the game awful.

    My only hope is that because they didn't have alien PQ GMS won't get the massive potential nerf. A bait and switch like this would destroy the game for a lot of people.

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    Number of people that have access to 121+ gear, and number of pieces of 121+ gear equipped = ?

    This change will affect 2 pieces of gear tops in GMS and none at all in KMS.

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    OH pomegranate GUYS



    pineapple THIS IM QUITTING

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    Lol....I can think of a handful of people who've spent large amounts of meso/nx on cubing VIP weapons that might be pissed.

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    Luckly I never bought any. 10 50 2
    030602.level.1.boss 1
    030602.level.1.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.2.boss 1
    030602.level.2.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.3.boss 1
    030602.level.3.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.4.boss 1
    030602.level.4.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.5.boss 1
    030602.level.5.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.6.boss 1
    030602.level.6.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.7.boss 1
    030602.level.7.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.8.boss 1
    030602.level.8.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.9.boss 1
    030602.level.9.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.10.boss 1
    030602.level.10.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.11.boss 1
    030602.level.11.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.12.boss 1
    030602.level.12.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.13.boss 1
    030602.level.13.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.14.boss 1
    030602.level.14.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.15.boss 1
    030602.level.15.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.16.boss 1
    030602.level.16.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.17.boss 1
    030602.level.17.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.18.boss 1
    030602.level.18.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.19.boss 1
    030602.level.19.incDAMr 30
    030602.level.20.boss 1
    030602.level.20.incDAMr 30

    Does this mean lv 50 equips can get boss 30%?

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    They still can curently.



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