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  1. Default Aslemn's Custom Maple Stuff

    A few days left until the Designer event result is revealed, suddenly got an extreme amount of inspiration for one of my previous works, the Monster Book update!
    Monster Book now returs with a new visual and many more features, named Maple Database, it doesn't only contain information about monsters, but does about maps, items, etc.
    It was one of the best features ever added to the game, and i really liked it. Instead of hunting magic cards to fill the book, every monster will drop a microchip with some information about it, the rest should work exactly like the old one, but with an improved layout.

    Pink Bean Microchip example:

    The book now shows for each monster, it's elemental weakness, analysis (HP, MP, EXP, PdRate), map images for the places you can find it, it's drops, story, and many other options.
    I'll translate the tabs, buttons, later when i have more time. Took me approximately three hours for this. Couldn't resist to work a little on what i've always loved to. :>

    P.S: Had to make the Story with the example of JMS one, since i had no pictures for reference on the english one. :S

    Singapore & MY world map:

    I'm almost getting to the point where i can finally implement those into the game itself. I'm planning to make a video of the areas being truly explored, and since i'm now working on those for not just images, but already adding them onto object files in Map file, i'm gonna start off not another new project, but redo and make my first one better.
    The Time Temple expansion.
    Like you can compare in the first post, it's entirely made of three areas. And each one has their theme.
    The first area, The Floating Gardens.

    Sustains a montainous island, but filled with a happiness feeling coming out from plants, who are everywhere. This is the first area you see when visiting the island. And as an important mark, it has the main town of the island. Since time doesn't flow there, the change in the sky doesn't properly need to make sense.
    It has an intermediary size, about 8 to 10 maps.
    The second one. The eternal sunset.

    Here, the happiness look goes away, and only the anger from the monsters in there can be felt. This area is much more dangerous than the first one, featuring burning forests, and burnt up plants.
    The third one. The darkest nightmare.

    Much more sinister themed, it's the largest area. You can barely see anything in there except the moon and sillouettes, because it's the darkest area. Black Mage's energy is felt everywhere. And his minions were hiding in there for hundred years.
    His castle is situated in there, as well as the prisons, where kidnapped citizens have been put into, when they offered danger to the Black Mage's kingdom.

    The chamber of Time is also there, where the Master Seal Stone is guarded, only with it, you'll be able to infiltrate through the magic barrier, and get into the castle of your true enemy.
    The castle is very tall, and the last room is even in the outer space, where the final fight will be.
    A new island on there, already was thinking of it's layout during a class, took me like 7 hours to make it.
    Sorry for the water quality, the Stamp tool does that and it's kinda hard to fix. Criticism is welcome :)

    "In game" preview:

    Edit: Previous works:
    Time Temple Expansion - Arcadia, Doomsday, and the Black Curse.

    Arcadia, a peaceful island who used to float in the sky had a lot of secrets. Rhinne, Time Goddess, was born there. And citizens built her a Temple in Arcadia's Floating Garden, where our story begins.
    Rhinne used to live in her Sanctuary, until the day refered as The Doomsday. Black Mage invaded the Temple to seek for the Ring of Prophecy, when this ring gets in contact with the Sacred Stone of Arcadia's Temple, the truth may be revealed and the unbeliavable power of Time will be given. Before she disapeared, she could hide the ring under the Mother Kamuna tree, situated in the Floating Gardens.

    The Temple Keeper wants you to investigate Pink Bean's story, and asks you to go to the Secret Library in the Temple, after doing some research, you find out that Pink Bean suddenly appeared out in the Temple, and no one heard of him except from the Time Goddess. After going into the secret part of the Temple, the truth is revealed, Time Temple is not the Sanctuary of the Time Goddess. The true one, is situated in Arcadia, which can't be found.

    You encounter a giant Time Whale in the skies of the Temple, she promises you the trip to Arcadia Gardens, after arriving there, you can finally discover what the Temple hides.

    The original Temple was destroyed in the Doomsday, it turned into pieces and rests deep in the ocean, Arcadia still hides a secret.
    They rebuilt the Temple itself, except for one part, the Twilight of Gods, where the Curse took place. And no one dares to step a foot there. An entirely new story is revealed upon that. Arcadia citizens teach you how to travel through Time. And you're able to watch the destruction of the Temple.

    After some more story, you may find out where the True Temple has sunk, in the deep abyss. The prophecy rests deep in the ocean. It says that you'll be able to get into the headquarters of the Black Mage, with three objects. A Rubian key, lost in the middle ages of Victoria Island. The prophecy ring, and a weapon with the light of the Arcadia's red moon, that is able to pierce and break the Time and Space.
    After getting awaking the powers of a True Timeless weapon, the dimensional hole takes you to the headquarters,where many prisons can be seen and only the Darkness can be felt.

    Many things are hidden inside the Black Mage's castle, but it seems that he was aware of your visit, and that it wasn't the proper time for the Last Battle. You must battle and discover the secrets of the Black Mage organization. Many corpses are laying in those prisons, and completely heartless creatures live in such area. This area features many bosses to get through before discovering the treasure and deciphering the prophecy.

    Rhinne, disapeared mysteriously in that day, is stuck in an alternate dimension. Pink Bean, who has the powers of reviving a dead god, was able to bring up the four sorcerers of Arcadia, that were sealed as statues in that room. A whole new world has appeared, and you must decipher the Prophecy, before the Black Mage does, and retrieve peace to a desolated land.

    Previous Work II: Sharenian - Cursed Dynasty.

    Remember that Arcadia required a Key made out of Rubian, lost in the Middle Ages? Here's where the story begins. Once you get onto Time Temple's Oracle room, you can visit other areas in their past.
    Sharen III, apparently had everything. But he wasn't satisfied, after reading something in his library about a stone that could bring immortality, that was hidden somewhere in Perion, he made his guards seek for such stone and kill anyone who get's in the way. After months, he found nothing about that. His wife, Lillian, asked him to go with her at the Maple Hill, an area, that mysteriously disapeared after the curse took place. He refused to go, and continued searching for the stone.
    Lillian, seeing that her husband was obcecated for that stone, decided to run away and hide inside the forest of maple trees. Ironically, she found a tree that had a dark aspect. That tree had the cursed stone inside it, and couldn't be touched by anyone other than the true pure hearted person. She was able to retrieve the stone to Sharen III, . But Ergoth, the spirit of the Rubian Stone, cursed the kingdom.

    Sharen got crazy with the power of the Rubian Stone, that forgot about the curse. He didn't deserve the immortality, not even his fortune, and was going to lose all his precious belongings, the same way he made Ergoth lose his only treasure.

    One day, his wife was possessed by Ergoth, and left Sharen with only two options. Be killed and rest without his treasure, or kill his only love to protect his treasure. With tears in his eyes, he pierced her body with his sword. Her tombstone is situated where the dark tree is.

    Ergoth was ruling the kingdom by that time, and as a punishment for Sharen, he took his clothes off, and locked him inside the waterway, making him starve until death. Your job there is to search for the Stone, because the one keepen by Ergoth is only a piece of the original one, hidden inside the tree.

    Previous work III - Mu Lung - Mu Lung Tower's Construction Site and Secret Organization.

    Didn't write so much story about it.

    Construction site:

    I'll write the story later. But it's just a series of quests with a medal as prize.

    Previous Work IV - Ariant Expansion:
    Pyramid is not only a PQ, but a dungeon itself.

    Previous Work VI - Neo tokyo's robot secret factory.

    Edit:"Once 10.000 years, the Darkstar Comet crosses the sky and passes by this Temple. It always do the same route and get's past the Twilight of Gods. Once it approaches, it's blue light covers absolutely everything, and it's our only chance to return our missing Goddess.
    We believe that our goddess is trapped inside the alternate dimension, that can only be acessed through the mirror situated in the Throne room.
    Exactly ten thousand years ago, an event called the Doomsday occured. Black Mage destroyed this Temple, and trapped Rhinne inside her own creation, the Dimensional Gate.
    The gate only opens when all five gods combine their powers with the Darkstar. Munin, Figin, Ariel, Solomon and Rex have been trapped inside that room, and were being controled by Pink Bean, who suddenly disapeared today. When the blue light touches all five Sealed Stones, between Ariel's hands, a black hole will be formed, leading you to the alternate dimension.
    I can't explain everything now, we don't have time.

    Follow the blue light on the sky, the comet is approaching the Twilight of Gods,you only have a few hours to rescue Rhinne, or else, we won't stay alive when that comet comes back. Be sure that she isn't alone there, The Black Mage has been guarding her body and all the exits inside the gate.

    Now go! You're our last chance, prepare yourself for the Final Battle, Pink Bean is now the Black Mage's most powerful weapon and he's surely going to use it!
    Please save our world, you're our only hope." Says the Temple Keeper.

    Took me like 2 hours to make it.

    And the Time Goddess shows up.

    Currently working on Pink Bean v2, for the fight inside the mirror and on the alternate dimension.

    Also managed to make an alive version of her, when you find her trapped, during the sacrifice ritual.

    After an hour, finished the layout of the Final Battle of Pink Bean. Although i might change the objects / graphics, the map layout is like that.

    If anyone is wondering, the thing in his head is the Black Magician's mark, it's found in their subordinates.

    New Content

    - Atlantis: You must be level 130 or higher to gain access to this area. The undersea palace, the Abyss and coral fields are acessible from Aqua Road, after the player has the quests from Poseidoní messenger done.
    o Must be at least level 130 and have completed the entrance quests.
    o When you log in to the game an auto start quest will appear. Head to the Aqua Road
    o Brand new quests to tell the story of Poseidon, the ruler of the seas.
    *Monsters: Coral Reef, Entrance to Poseidon's Domain
    Siren (130)
    Barracuda (131)
    Electric Fish (131)
    Flying Fish (131)
    Castle Guard (132)
    False Coral (133)
    Mermaid (133)
    Baby Shark (134)
    Shark (135)
    Dark Mermaid (135)
    Giant Crab (137)
    Squid (138)

    Undersea Palace:

    Turtle Guard (140)
    Giant Lobster (141)
    Eel (142)
    Butler Stingray (143)
    Dancer Siren (144)
    Dancer Mermaid (144)
    Cursed Ghost (145)

    The Abyss:
    Blind Eel (148)
    Electric Jellyfish (149)
    Blind Shark (150)
    Trap Fish (152)
    Zombie Servant (153)
    Ghost Diver (154)
    Wandering Corpse (154)
    Majestic Whale (155)

    Coral Golem (150)
    Killer Shark (155)
    Time Whale (160)
    Poseidon (170)
    The Kraken (175)
    Abyssal Whale (180)

    Hermes, the messenger
    Lost Princess
    Lost Diver
    Sealed Whale
    and many more!

    Ruler of the Sea set (Weapons) (140)
    Undersea Savior (Medal) (130)
    Cursed Ring (130)

    Aqua Road: Lost Sanctuary

    Unknown Road: Road to Atlantis
    Lost Age: Atlantis
    Undersea Road: Seaweed Forest I
    Undersea Road: Seaweed Forest II
    Undersea Road: Seaweed Forest III
    Undersea Road: Seaweed Forest IV
    Undersea Road: Dangerous Territory I
    Undersea Road: Dangerous Territory II
    Undersea Road: Dangerous Territory III
    Undersea Road: Dangerous Territory IV
    Undersea Road: Entrance to the Coral Reef
    Undersea Road: Coral Reef I
    Undersea Road: Coral Reef II
    Undersea Road: Coral Reef III
    Undersea Road: Coral Sanctuary
    Undersea Road: Road to Poseidon's Domain
    Undersea Road: Ancient Palace Entrance
    Undersea Palace: Corridor I
    Undersea Palace: Corridor II
    Undersea Palace: Corridor III
    Undersea Palace: Blacksmith Room
    Undersea Palace: Ceremonial Hall
    Undersea Palace: Main Corridor
    Undersea Palace: Throne Room
    Undersea Palace: Treasure Room
    Undersea Palace: Balcony
    Unknown Road: Entrance to Abyss
    Abyss: Dangerous Road
    Abyss: Jellyfish Bottom I
    Abyss: Jellyfish Bottom II
    Abyss: Eel Cave
    Abyss: Shark Territory I
    Abyss: Shark Territory II
    Abyss: Dark Road
    Abyss: Cursed Road I
    Abyss: Cursed Road II
    Abyss: Cursed Road III
    Abyss: Crystal Cave I
    Abyss: Crystal Cave II
    Abyss: Crystal Cave III
    Abyss: Crystal Cave IV
    Abyss: Cursed Sanctuary
    and much more!

    After someone saying something about Atlantis, it gave me a pomegranateload of inspiration, more information and real testing images coming soon, once i get to fix the testing issues, source or some pomegranate. >.>
    And monsters, when i finish drawing and calculating the stats of those. This'll be my project for the rest of this year. Hoping to continue and finish this until December, if school allows me to with all those exams.
    I'll post the rest once i'm done with it, and when i'm done with developing images for each thing. I've found it easier to list things that need to be made before making themselves just when i think of them.

    Nothing to do, vacations ofc.
    More things coming later, i typed in korean text to test out the fonts, and accidentally found one EXACTLY alike KMS ones.
    The texts are just derpy versions of english ones translated through a translator.

    Another part of the Ancient Island, not added on the current world map tho. In the north side of that island, rests a secret deep in a forest.
    Your steps are way more closer to Black Mage's. And after hearing about the forest being burnt up, you may investigate what's going on.
    Black Mage's subordinates decided to burn the forest, to try erasing something they don't want you to find out. Elenore, one of Black Mage's army leaders, is the one responsible for such incident. And she already prepared a trap inside the forest.
    Your job there is to find out what they desesperately needed to get rid of. This forest has so much things inside it, that not even the Black Mage could understand. This area features a nightmarish themed sky, and the only creatures found there are special kinds of Dragons, that were a secret, exactly like the whole island.

    After taking a look on visitor event, it's a shame that they haven't used anything of the town they made. Decided to attempt making that thing as an area itself, like i was doing with the Ariant Pyramid.

    More things coming when i have time to do those, school's being peachy and the grand exam is approaching. Also need to work on such things as name, story and some pomegranates for that area before implementing it completely.
    But these images that have been posted before aren't just images as i also have every single file saved for further uses in real files.
    Again, i'll try to draw some monsters or some pomegranate to that other than the aliens, whose in my opinion don't really look like monsters, more likely players.
    I'll try to make some other monsters that may look alike those, but those take a lot of time precisely. Specially when you try to make those plus their respective frames

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    Orbis keeps on popping into my head for some reason.

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    I'm imagining the actual map if this actually happens.

    Guess that's what happens when you model Orbis after Greece.

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    Only problem I have with that is the trees at the top are in front of the clouds. Everything else, very good job, man!

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    He already has quite a few in-game things done, too. This map is.. just timing. You'll be able to snag it on the completely dead server me and justin have when he finishes this.

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    This is very awesome.

    Makes me think of a happy Ellin.

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    If this were actually a real place in Maple, I'd love to explore it...

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    If you posted this on Basil, they'd all freak out. That's how amazing this is.

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    >Temple of Time sprite
    >Browsing via New Post

    I was really excited until I realized it's fake. :(


    Do this now. "new KMST Island! Temple of Time expansion!"

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    You would have to fix the trees being higher than clouds first, and the name on the bottom right. Too obvious until then, but i support this idea. :3

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    I've already wrote a whole storyline to Time Temple a year ago. I think i have the old project screenshots here.

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    Do you care if these are posted on basil with no credits in an attempt to make everyone freak the f'uck out?

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    Totally banned for posting false info.

    But yeah, please let us post this on Basil

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    Actually, i would care... But dunno, do whatever you guys want to, if you guys don't do it, someone will in just some time, post it if you feel like doing so... I've been doing those for more than a year. Wrote a whole new MapleStory, expansions for Mu Lung, Ariant, Magatia, Neo Tokyo, Ellin Forest, Time Temple... My only fear of posting it was getting in trouble with Nexon.

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    Holy sh'it, aslemn. o_o That looks amazing.

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    After everybody freaked the pineapple out and then after a while realized it was fake, credit for the pics would be given. But if you don't want it to be posted, then we'll refrain.

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    I like the dark guy in the robe. Reminds me of spirit of the rock for some reason. Very amazing work

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    I'll update the first post with all my work then. I'll add some images.

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    Yeah we wouldn't post it unless you gave us permission. I wouldn't post it without that since it would go against what i stand for. :/



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