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    No one gives a flying pineapple... fix the hacking.

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    Ignoring the recent hackings... Oh god the Gachapon Stamp event <3

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    Nexon can go suck a massive cock. They completely ignored the blatant fact that someone hacked the database, and decide to just give us 3 more updates to the Gachapon and even bring out a whole new set of Gachapon.
    I hope they give out Stonetooth Sword like crazy so my hacker can get pomegranate for my sword.

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    Are you really going to buy NX when there's a great risk you'll end up losing it?

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    Bawww more. We still have no solid idea as to what's causing all of the hackings; they're all logical guesses. Why would Nexon? Why would they even make a statement in regards to it without being 100% certain that they knew what the cause was, and knew how to fix it?

    This is the first hacking epidemic that we've had in a long, long time. I don't think Nexon is ignoring this one.

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    Not one, but two GACHAPON UPDATEs!

    And some nx.

    Anyone have a link to a guide for this Monster Survival?

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    Gachapon stamp? If its anything like MSeas ...yawn

    For the low low price of 431k nx, you too can have a MV mask.

    Yeah, that was real appealing then too

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    Why would nexon? They have (or should have) they systems in place to log/track what happens on the server. Regardless of what else happens, even opening my ticket would be nice.

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    It's... somewhere.
    I sincerely hope this is both Kerning Cleanup and Nett's Pyramid, though. I need me some attack belts.

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    I don't think it's that easy.

    Think realistically. Everybody is going batshi't insane on every Maple forum I can think of. Do you really think Nexon is ignoring this?

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    This is BS.

    If that event actually comes to GMS.. I will hate NEXON even more.

    Overall, expected crap patch is expected.

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    As a webmaster, and i'm not saying my servers get nearly the amount of traffic that nexons does, if someone accesses crap on my server that they shouldnt it's farily realistic to track down the issue within a day or two let alone over a month
    I was hacked on the 23rd of december and was by no means the first one of this situation. They've had a month to acknowlege the problem, a month to read my ticket. A month to say hey guys we understand there's concerns etc. A month to find some bit of information pertaining to the situation. And that's based on the date of my hacking, which as I said wasnt the first.

    Im not saying I expect a solution. I'm saying I expect an aknowlegement of the situation. Rather then just pushing through a mediocore patch and ignoring what's going on.
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    Well... If Nexon were an animal...


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    Seems like you're underestimating Nexon's perpetual ability to not care about anything that doesn't bring in money.

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    Maybe... but come on! THIS IS HUGE

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    Not even a Peach Gold Monkey?
    Not big enough. When they lose money, they'll act.

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    Of course, any prudent person or peoples would deal with this issue head on and immediately but Nexon doesn't run on logic. They're kind of like a kid who broke a vase. You ask if he broke the vase and he denies it and blames it on the cat. Then his sister says "uh huh, I saw him break it!" and he continues shaking his head and playing with his trucks. Finally someone comes forth with a video tape of him breaking the vase and... he continues to deny it. Because he's a kid and doesn't know any better. And that's where Nexon should differ but unfortunately doesn't.
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    One way to get their attention - Start sending editorials on this and their avoidance of it to all the MMO zines and blogs and make it a PR smear for their complete failure to address it.
    Aim for the ones they advertise in, make the places they advertise feel like they're advertising second rate shoddy products and services that are unsafe and rip off their public.



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