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Thread: [In Progress] Video Capture Awards Coming to Nexon

  1. Default Video Capture Awards Coming to Nexon

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    Grant Prize.

    Who's that?

    I hate MMV's though so... good luck to anyone who decides to enter. Me and Grant are rooting for you.

    edit3: whoa whoa whoa. Combat Arms has a t-shirt labeled "No nuts, no glory"? Yikes.

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    What, Nexon already decided BoA was too expensive to hire?

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    For anyone who wants them.

    Edit - Oh lol, sold out. Sec lemme try to find somewhere that has em.

    Edit 2-

    Looking for em cheaper. Found em for a pretty good price on a site that doesn't ship to the US or Canada though.

    Official manufacturer site
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    I'd rather buy Kanokon figurines/collectables...

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    Haha, yeah I'm not buying a Mabinogi fig either, but in case anyone wanted them.

    Blog post with images

    Edit - Got it cheaper.

    Of course, you could also stick with Amazon as well. But there's only one left in stock lol.
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    The nexon post smells of fail >_> They have no contest end date, along with no specification of where to upload videos to (I'll assume xfire, but hey, at least make it clear, give a link, etc.).

    Is 150 bucks worth my time for entering? *starts thinking*

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    Nice to see nexon kind of expanding beyond what they normally do for web contests. Though, this seems less for maple and more for DFO and Combat Arms.

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    Nao looks like a hooker...

    wait she's an anime girl over the age of 10...

    On-topic i want that CA shirt... awesome shirt is awesome

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    My desk shakes every time she materializes in-game because her beach-balls "bounce" as part of her landing animation. Be afraid.

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    I want that shirt, if for nothing else but to wear to a feminist rally.

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    I believe that's got something to do with their new nutshot feature.

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    I've currently been taking a break from Mabinogi. Why? Aran and I've gotten to meet a lot of Southperricans in Bera over the past month have me hooked to MapleStory, and I've got an assload of video games I'm plowing through. But even so, I'm still pretty interested in that Nao figure. The figure is a bit pricy for my budgets based on the link given by Spidey, and I'm not entirely sure if I have total approval to buy something like that.

    It's a pity though. MMVs are god awful in my opinion, and there's no way I could create a decent one. I have seen a few excellent Mabinogi videos though, I'll say that. Either way, it's not something I'd be able to do. I wish it were more traditional camera work; sort of like the "Day in the Life of a Mapler" contest- I'd be able to do that fine, but this is something out of my expertise.



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