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  1. Default Cygnus Summer Knights Update Coming Soon!

    For the people arguing interpretations here:

    The second usage of equipment is referring to the equipment referenced in the first sentence, not your existing equipment. This is called "context".

    This is not listed as a functional requirement - it's simply a use case scenario providing motive to use the item. "but you can only use it twice" is listed as a functional requirement. And yes, this item does say "increase the number of upgrade slots" not "recover missing slots".

    Stop arguing these points already. They're officially dead.
    Last edited by Eos; 2009-07-22 at 02:15 PM.

  2. Default

    Sweet, alien skin and maker. I will at some point buy those to use on all my timeless gear i'm going to make when I make it. Gotta make is last :3

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  4. Default

    Screws Cygnus Knights! Finally Maker! :D

    But WHAT?! Vicious' Hammer? Now people with NX cash can even scroll items 2 more times... Nexon, don't you have enough money already? >_> This could mean a potential 10 att more on a weapon which is nice of course. But this + Maker will screw over the whole economy of GMS and it makes Nexon even more money.

  5. Default

    YESSS, maker > cygnus

  6. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour



    This will make stuff even more inflated, and the differences even worse.

  7. Default

    Amen honey!
    We need a maker party
    All us refining whores can sit in an FM together refining for the first 72 hours.

  8. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
    Level: 172
    Job: ShAHHHdower


    I'm jizzing my pants over Item Maker... but Vicious Hammer?

    go f(uck yourself, Nexon. If you guys think Maker is going to inflate things...


  9. Default

    What the... Vicious Hammers? If GMS gets that AND +2 slot items from Gach, I'm going to give up all hope to being anywhere close to as strong as even the weakest GMS player (not that I have ANY hope right now...).

  10. Default

    Horrible thought - Watch them only give us Maker Level 1 and force us to wait six months for levels 2 and 3.

  11. Default

    This section should be renamed to "Eos Announcements."

    But yeah...finally some money in my wallet.

  12. Default

    This Vicious Hammer interests me; didn't know something like that existed. How much is the expect cost per hammer?

  13. Default

    Hey now!
    There are still other names on the first page.

  14. Mercury
    IGN: Setsuna007
    Server: Broa
    Level: 13x
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: KingdomHeroes
    Alliance: 4 guilds


    W0000T Maker =3.. I already got majority of my wisdom Crystals and plates & a shiet load of diamonds.. YAY!!



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