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    Default New Familiar drop buffs

    Since people keep asking, here and elsewhere, what % the drop buffs are, and whether they stack, I did a little experiment.

    I killed 10,000 monsters in the same map ("Arcana: Labyrinthine Cavern - Upper Path") with no drop buffs at all (no drop gear or dHS either), with an old Wolf Underling ("Increases item drop rate by a large amount"), old Big Spider ("Increases item and meso drop rate by a large amount" - only 9711 mobs killed due to familiar vitality running out, results are extrapolated), and both familiars together.

    Here is what I got

    itemNo buffWolf alonefactorSpider alonefactorboth familiarsfactor
    Sunset Dew891381.55961.111351.52
    Reindeer Milk761401.84901.221321.74
    Spell Trace4103800.933950.994161.01
    Mana Crystal102980.961151.161181.16
    Basic Spell Essence39461.18411.08421.08
    Fine Spell Essence14221.57120.88110.79
    Grand Spell Essence231.52131.5

    The numbers are all over the place, which means a much bigger sample needs to be taken. I don't have time for that, so I'm posting these tentative conclusions, and hoping other people will contribute more data as time goes by:

    1. ETC items, or at least Spell Traces, Mana Crystals, and Spell Essences, are not affected by drop rate. This was already observed by @Rexaar in this reddit post:

    2. "Item drop rate" by itself does not increase meso bag drop rate.

    3. There is no additive stacking. It looks like when using both familiars, I got the item drop from the wolf and the meso drop from the spider, as has been speculated by people observing the double buff icons that appear when equipping two such familiars.

    4. "Large" item drop rate seems to be considerably less than 100%.

    5. The "item drop" part of "large item and meso" seems very small.



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