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  1. Default NAE - Any guilds?

    I looked up a Southperry guild for the fun of it and it looks like Hadriel has one, but it looks like he's the only member.

    Anyway, does anyone have any decent guilds that are recruiting? I have my own guild, but none of the friends I made the guild for have played since day one, so I'm getting pretty lonely here by myself.

    IGN: Sabaki
    Class: Knight
    Gear Score (if that matters): 4700 something
    Trophies: 450ish, but I'm accumulating more slowly.

    I'm very much looking forward to a group or guild that regularly goes on hard dungeon or chaos raids runs.

  2. Default Re: NAE - Any guilds?

    Yes I created it purely out of curiosity (the Maple Guide really), and was very surprised I could create it at all. I can release it if necessary... times are very hard for me now and I may not be in game very much from now on.


  3. Electron Male
    IGN: Auguro
    Server: Broa
    Level: 150
    Job: Hayato
    Guild: Nintendo
    Alliance: SmashBros
    Farm: Impleton

    Default Re: NAE - Any guilds?

    There are plenty. Use Guild Search for a gigantic list.

    I created a guild (Surprisingly Cheap) just for funsies, but it is a party of one lol =D

  4. Default Re: NAE - Any guilds?

    So I've been soloing Fire Dragon... it's just really slow and boring, not a very good way to grind to be honest. I am looking forward to the Soul Binder class tomorrow =)




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