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Thread: RWBY

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    Well that was an interesting episode. Not much to say other than we got to see some other characters and their combat prowess.

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    Official Volume 3 Poster

    Still a bit uneasy about this series ever since Monty's passing, but we'll see how it goes.

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    vaguely keen

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    RWBY Panel at RTX 2015

    Also discussion thread over at /r/RWBY. Finally gonna start going back there since there's actually stuff to talk about, instead of obscene amounts of fanart/AU/self-referential stuff.

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    Bringing this back as Volume 3 started today / tomorrow depending on if you're a sponsor.

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    also I'm still dying from laughter

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    Chapter 2 went up yesterday, for anyone who browses here but not anywhere else:


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    I'm liking this volume so far. There's already been plenty of funny scenes in just the first two episodes.

    Chapter 3 released today!
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    So... Chapter 6 went up today. Holy hell.

    Cannot believe there won't be a new episode until January 2nd. I might just die.

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    That Trailer for Episode 8...


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    OH MY GOD.

    And to top it all off, World of Remnant next week.

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    pineappleing RIP everything!

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    Thank you based Chicken Jaw

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    Definitely not the direction I thought RWBY was headed in.

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    Confirmed there to be a time skip, but no confirmation on how long said time skip is.
    Lot of speculation on 1 to 3 years.

    Team RWBY redesign:

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    Volume 5, Episode 12

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    I like that the visuals of this show look like they came out of a video game.
    I also like the music even though I don't always catch all the words right away.




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