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    How is summons first compared to overburn/bazooka/barrage?

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    honestly? I think it's fun as hell.
    1 point in super magic, 1 point in overburn for the 1 point spent for 11% increased damage
    then max militia/anchor in whatever order you prefer, then finish overburn, then max i guess barrage?

    way i see things
    you want both of those summons maxed simply for duration.
    and militia is good because it summons two things, so even though it says 350%, its really hitting 700% total per volley, if you count a volley as both attacking.

    Honestly? I'm having more fun training with these skills than i ever did with just overburned cannon spike all day erry day.

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    That's how i felt with maxing anchor in one go. Militia is something else since i want the survivability spirit offers and bazooka still isn't maxed (damn failed a 30 book ;-;). I just found it interesting you opted for a build like that since overburn affects summons too.

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    Eh, its going to be maxed later anyway, I just like having my monkeys last a minute because I can just plop em down somewhere on the map and go attack somewhere else and they'll manage the spawn on that platform.

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    If you're strong enough monkeys does a damn good job KSing a platform at LHC. Not so well when it's in a mob that 3+ people are on top of including your anchor.

    I don't believe summons to be inferior to overburn at all since it provides utility instead. Still just surprised someone would do it first thing, since it's pretty unorthodox.

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    Well hey, where's the fun in being normal! :D



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