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Thread: [MSEA] [0.78] Anniversary

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    Thats the real name, lol?

    They got some wired CS Items in the patch. I wonder if you can just buy them you you have to do an event of some sort to be able to.

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    Bipennis. It has two?

    Is the extraction complete? I really want my Balrog weapons

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    But the thing is, in GMS we have the MTS, so even without buying NX you can use this item.

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    I think bain weapons are going to come in another patch for you guys
    (Wimpy and miss-named bosses are for the wolf and sheep event, you get to summon them to fight the opponent)

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    *added NXWatch*

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    The currency is called @-cash indeed, but my program is called NXWatch.

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    Oh. Okay. What are those 0 NX items? Event items, I suppose?

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    Thats still about 8k NX in gMS. Their scissors are nearly triple ours @_@

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    Good question. I think it's caused by a horrible translator of sorts. Or AS just decided to rip existing data from last year's event.

    Why are the Villainous Wolf items CS items? I thought they are from the WOLF vs SHEEP event? o_o

    LOL @ the 'Balrog' weapons. I wonder why AS decided to change them. Maybe there's more than that we see here?

    And WTH is this supposed to be: Ga-cha-pon Ticket (45 days) - [0 NX]
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    Anyone else notice 600m HP hands? I forgot exactly how the boss fight is set up, but that seems...a bit excessive, unless you aren't meant to fight them.

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    Because maybe some people want that hat outside the event map? The regular hats were added too.
    I'm not sure, but there is another copy of that hand with 1 HP. The 600m one probably has another purpose or no purpose at all.
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    Its real name in GMS is Vifennis, so I suppose it's just a translation error.

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    Because everyone wants to look like Gaga...

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    uh guys, these are the "original" balrog weapons. Balrog has always dropped these in KMS. The Bain items were added much later, just like the Ereve tutorial. You guys didn't get the Tutorial immediately, so it's not unreasonable to assume the bain weapons will come later like they did in KMS too.

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    Lolwut? There's no Rienne data here.


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