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    Range w/o the earrings, and pic of the earrings ^^
    Bought them 3 luk/4 slot, did the rest myself

    Max SB is 2xxx (with elixir)
    Max Assaulter is close to 12k, probably 11,9xx (with elixir)

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    nice nice everyone, wob, you should def make a strongest thieves by class thread here, should get things moving a bit faster. =P

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    Warning, this image contains extreme Godlyness. Viewer Dscretion is advised.

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    Haha. I decided to take this a step further and go to Henesys Hunting Ground. Only went through about 250 stars total, so I wasn't really sticking around to see if I could hit my absolute max.

    Lucky Seven

    Triple Throw

    I had a lot of trouble KSing a 9x Hermit like this. ):

    EDIT: Nah, for reals:

    Successive Ranges

    REAL Lucky Seven

    REAL Triple Throw

    Still didn't spend much time extracting the best damage possible, I only spent a couple hundred stars and after uploading/posting, my Warrior Elixir is half over.

    EDIT2: Guess I wasn't far off.

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    Edit: decided that i was to impatient to not use one of my gelt chocolates while i had SE goin

    i did 20k with BOT but no ss =(
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    Hey...wanna give link to that calculator?!

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    Er. There is no link, I made it. o_O

    It's a script for mIRC and it's still incomplete... it's missing mdef reductions (because I couldn't find a formula for that) and a good Heal formula (because we're all missing a good Heal formula). It also doesn't have Meso Explosion or any charge skills and I'm thinking there are some skills that deviate from the norm that I'm not accounting for in terms of wdef calculation or something like that.

    EDIT: Oh, and piercing damage like Iron Arrow or Piercing Arrow. There are also wonky skills that I don't have special code for, like Arrow Bomb. Most of these would be well-suited to a custom calculator though.

    Uhh, I guess I could release it, but I have an accuracy calculator with a nice amount of features planned, but I only started that recently. It's in the same file and I don't like releasing incomplete things. Plus, gathering credit for all the calculations and stuff that I picked up would be a peach at this point because I figured my utility would be used by me and maybe a couple friends.

    I'll work on that a little this week, I guess.
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    Damn Bui, nice damage =).
    I probably would've been at 2700 max with a warrior elixir...

    Lol at this (with the trade and chat...):
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    Lol @ being out damaged by someone ten levels below me. XP

    It looks awesome. You should tie up loose ends then release it.
    Course, if you don't want to, no one's making you.

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    Out of convenience to those of us that don't give a flying pineapple about the damage of our class' counterpart, can we make two threads (one solely for Bandits + ramifications thereof and the other for Assassins + ramifications thereof)?

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    wuts wrong with having it like this?
    Would mages have a Fire/poison flauntin, ice/lit, and bishop flauntin thread?

    how about a Paladin and dk and hero flauntin thread?

    Whats wrong with having 1 thread for the whole class

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    F/P and I/L are very similar. Bandits and Hermits are not.

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    It's not a big problem or anything, it's just in spite of convenience, as said. By principle, if I'm going to give perusal to a Thief-flaunting thread, then I wouldn't care about Bandit/CB/Shadower damage. Given the aspirations of this site, when/if it grows into a bigger community, I might stumble into a page full of Bandit-flaunting, which in turn would simply waste my time. I know there are others with views as apathetical as mine to the counterpart class so the convenience as aforementioned is also on behalf of them. But hey, it's just a suggestion. Whatever floats your boat.

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    Ripple has a good point.

    Here's my equipment, anyway. Need Zhelm and a better sauna. :/ Not worried about claw until I can wear a Skanda.
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    why dont my spoilers work -_-?
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    whyd u scroll ur helm for dex if you're dexless and dex doesnt effect lucky7/TT?

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    i wasnt always dexless and dex effects your attack range.



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