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    Default [How To] A guide to fixing vista issues.

    Well I did something similar on a quite old forum and people responded quite favorably to it so I decided I would impart my knowledge here. Update: I've been stickied muhahaha, step 1 in taking over the world: Complete! *ahem* Moving on!

    Before you post here, please read the "Read THIS first" spoiler a bit below.

    Important info is in spoilers, 'cept for the first spoiler. Else would be my rantings/intro to each section. So if you're just here for a quick fix and don't care for reading... then stop reading this sentence and jump down to the spoilers.

    How I learned about these fixes

    Key Notes

    There are tons... meaning that there can be a ton of different symptoms but generally (and thankfully) from my experience, the solutions generally fall into a few categories.

    Oh and once again... If the solution does not work for you, then please do not begin complaining about it. Like I said before, sometimes similar looking problems have different solutions... here goes!

    Everyone Read THIS First Please

    Okay with that out of the way... let's start with what made me decide to type this thing up all over again from scratch >>

    Opeth, I'm looking at you.
    Black Flickering Screen/Outright Crash

    This next issue is by far THE biggest issue that occured in the previous forum, and a HUGE pain to fix... though only because of this next reason. If I recall correctly this same issue had about FOUR issues/solutions. Yes, a whole freaking FOUR(ish) separate things about vista could cause this problem. It sucked... majorly. Unfortunately I can only remember two of the solutions off the top of my head... I wrote the original article on fixing this issue on OdinMS's technical help forums. So yeah.

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

    This next one affected a ton of GMS maplers who went to zakum.
    DCing when Zakum dies, or after killing a certain phase.

    Apparently another common problem:

    error code: 10093

    HackShield Initialization Error :0x00000203(515)

    Dealing with Lag:

    So yeah, this section deals with the fixable causes of lag and how to deal with them.

    Graphics cards and RAM

    Sometimes your graphics card sucks up too much of your RAM for its own good (here's looking at you... uh... well... most of the laptops that are cheap have this issue). These graphics cards are known as integrated graphics cards. On the other hand, dedicated graphics cards will not bug your RAM at all :3 This is a good thing to keep in mind when you're selecting a higher end laptop.

    Anywho, so if you're going to be playing a game that's gonna stress your graphics card we should make sure that it doesn't attempt to hog too much of your RAM.

    note: If the graphics card is crappy enough even the simplest of games alluding to high end 2d or low end 3d graphics will stress it.

    let's get you some extra RAM for your programs to use, the nonpaying way :3

    Hopefully you have an extra 4 gigs of hard disk space on your laptop you wont miss. One great solution to your lack of RAM is to allocate some harddisk space to act as RAM. Yes, you CAN do this. It can also be done by inserting a clean or freshly format flash drive and selecting the option "speed up my system using windows readyboost". <- I'll go over this one in a bit.

    Here's how we do it the hard disk way:

    The Flash Drive Method
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  2. Default

    This isn't a bad guide to have =)

    One problem that I am currently experiencing on my Vista Laptop is pretty serious. Out of nowhere (*cough* randomly) MapleStory's graphics will l4g behind slightly, meaning anything I do for input happens on the game about .2 seconds later. The FPS also goes down a little bit. Identifying when this glitch happens can be anywhere between subtle to "in your face". Anyways, roughly 10-30 seconds later my computer will completely seize up and freeze indefinitely until I either do a hard reset or cut the power somehow. Not fun.
    EDIT: this glitch is GMS v.65. It has never appeared before.

    As of currently playing MS in windows mode vastly reduces the probability that the glitch will strike. I know of another player, a friend-because-of-class, who has this same issue. And Kasuhitomi has admitted to having this problem also.

    My drivers are up to date, I've done defrags and whatnot, disabled Toshiba Flash Cards (lolwut duz dat du), and pretty much anything else I could think of.


    Oh yeah, just in case you want the specs, my Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527. Pretty standard, not really meant for games and stuff xD

    Something else for shouri
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  3. Default Well...

    I do have a problem with MS. I can never get on. Yeah this is Vista SP 1.

    2 gigs of ram
    AMD Sempron proccessor SI-40 2.00 GHz
    32 bit
    3.5 rating thingy.
    HP G50 Notebook PC

    EDIT: It says loading instead of play with the download manual patch bar on the bottom

    EDIT 2: I also think this a nice guide. I request a sticky.
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  4. Default

    I know a couple more ways to prevent Zakum DCing.

    1) Zak in windowed mode, and before the fight, ensure that the windowed mode box is ticked. During first body, change your graphics setting to the lowest possible setting, and tick the windows mode box again (as the tick won't be there).

    2) Alt tab quickly during first body.

    Unfortunately you need to rely on a healer while doing both of these, but I let whoever's in my party know that I'm fixing something for 3 seconds at the most and they don't get annoyed.

  5. Default

    my system

    i sometimes get dc while horntail is summoned or when 3rd body of zak appeared or zak die............the Windows Visual C++ appears and lag me out.......yeah

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    Oh noes too many problems at once T.T

    My brain's gonna explode ><

    Let me remind you guys that most of the solutions I came up with were done through trial and error of different possibilities that could be affecting gameplay. So I don't necessarily have an "insta-fix" ready for you guys.

    Where to start... in order?

    Kajitisouls, I'll need a bit more info. More specifically, the info you see in the post above this one. I have a possible solution that I want to try with you involving your memory and if that doesn't work we'll go with nate's algorithm, but before I explain either I'll need that info.

    ThatSkyGuy, so upon first glance it seems to me like you have an internet issue more than anything 0.o The "play" button is stored on your computer somewhere in the MS folder so that's why you can still see it, but the other content requires that you be connected to the internet. You can verify this is you try to open MS without being plugged in to the internet. However, since I'm pretty sure you're trying to open the game while connected to the internet, I need you to answer the following:

    1)How long ago did you get this laptop?
    2)Do you have user account controls enabled or disabled?
    3)How's your internet? You can get a gist of how fast it is at "". The sticky in tech help suggests that you pick the san jose server in california for a good result.

    Manda, those methods do indeed work, though they're hopefully not needed anymore thanks to vista SP1. Vista SP 1 did fix the issue of the changing forms -> DC. However, people still CAN have lag issues when summoning or when the body is changing forms that can cause them to DC. Similar symptoms different solutions ^^. Once I get back from tutoring people tonight I'll show them how they can help with their lag as well :3

    Teppi, so you get the "Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error"? (almost) exactly as it appears in that pic I included?
    This error has almost nothing to do with your comp specs thankfully. By the way, you have a dam good computer >>. I'm using a dual core processor on 1 gig of ram :3 Anyways, did you try running MS as admin? If that doesn't/didn't work for you, there's one other solution that I remember worked for some people: Run MS in compatibility mode for windows XP. <- I'd hate to know that people actually have to do this, but I'm still now quite skilled enough with vista to fix this problem without having to do this T.T.

    Oh yeah, note to everyone, I'm okay with vista. I mainly seem to be good because I literally spent several days with people from the previous forum attempting different fixes and well as going through google search for people with similar problems and their solutions. I'll emphasize again... days.

    I'll be back later to see what I can do :3 Gotta go tutor now.

  7. Default

    Well I had this laptop since Christmas :3
    Disabled (That thing is annoying)

    EDIT: I also have CA Internet security and a cable modem if that helps.

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    I'm not that great with processors, but from your earlier post I went and researched it. I'm seeing, single core processor, and integrated graphics. Integrated graphics = the graphics card uses up your RAM instead of having its own <-- kinda dumbed down from what the explanation on wiki stated, that's what I got out of it. I highly doubt either of these is the problem though. From what I did read though, I understood that its not that great of a graphics processor for gaming though. But lets not worry about that part yet.

    1)Can you play any other full screen games? Or is MS the only one giving you trouble?

    2)There's the possibility that its just taking forever to load. So we could always try some maintenance on your computer. Disk defragmentation comes to mind.

    3)I see that you have the "play" button available in the picture you first posted. What happens when you click it? Can you even click it?

    Uh... I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news... but I went and did a bit more research.

    This site should give you the gist of it
    Bad News T.T

    TL;DR: Though your specs are slightly higher it seems that your graphics card just isn't really meant for gaming... at all. I'm hoping this isn't an absolute though. Apparently, some of those people were still able to play games like Call of Duty 4 on the lowest possible settings though.

    If you have about 4 gigs that your comp can do without, I might be able to come up with something to ease the burden your processor has on your RAM... but I'm not sure if that'll fix it ><.
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  9. Default

    Giving you the model number wasn't good enough eh? (that screen above doesn't actually have the last 5 digits) I'm very sure you can get better specifics if you looked up the model number online.

    I managed to find a "compromise" between me and my computer so now I can play windows mode with relatively no l4g. Yay! It does not prevent the glitch entirely though >_>
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    *dramatic half sorrowful voice* KajitiSouls, your laptop is crying out to you. It weeps as its forced to handle many tasks at once. The pain!!! The suffering!!!

    Okay okay that's enough. But seriously, you're laptop is getting overworked when you play MS. A single core processor (or even a slow duo core processor) and 1 gig of ram can mean trouble for computers running vista. The fallback would be having a great graphics card. However, I looked at entire list of specs based off of the model number and it seems you're looking at a non-gamer's computer.

    Let's fix that shall we? :3

    First off let's get you some extra RAM, the nonpaying way :3

    Hopefully you have an extra 4 gigs of hard disk space on your laptop you wont miss. One great solution to your lack of RAM is to allocate some harddisk space to act as RAM.

    Here's how we do it:
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  11. Default

    uninstall CA internet security, then see if you can get on.

    Also, if you are in windows vista, best to let vista deal with the page file size. Increasing the page file size doesn't give you any performance increase. Should just let windows manage it. Windows will adjust the size by itself.

    Kajiti, do you have all of the visual eye candy disable for vista? Try running Vista in classic theme instead of Aero theme.
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    The research I did on vista pointed out that an increase in the paging file sized allowed vista to act as if it had more RAM than it normally did.

    Third paragraph of this page for example.
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  13. Default

    Oh schnapps, you can do that with Vista HDs!?? o.O I luv you if it really works! (I'm not with my laptop atm)

    Also, I'm already aware my laptop isn't a gaming laptop. MapleStory still advertises itself as a minimum requirements game anyways.

    Just for the record, the most I've ran at once on my laptop was MS, FireFox, Flash Player 10, Notepad, and Paint.NET. Nothing strange happened, although my performance did suffer. And this was at the time when the strange glitch I've originally mentioned never ever happened.

    I have no idea what you're talking about with themes. (I'm not with my laptop atm)

    Here's a general list of things I've turned off and crap when I got it new:
    --Program windows no longer have transparent/opaque effects, showing whatever is underneath.
    --Mini windows do not appear if I mouse over minimized programs.
    --Toshiba Flash Cards no longer annoy me. I do not know what the difference is with or without those anyways.
    --Windows updates and whatnot no longer run without my permission. I have yet to tell Windows Defender to stfu though o.O
    --Program window buttons no longer glow via Gaussian blur-like effect.

  14. Default

    I believe that's only the case if one program needs lots of memory. Usually, system managed size is good enough.

    You would get more performance from having a USB drive plugged in and have it dedicated to readyboost.

    Kajit, Control Panel > Personalize > Theme > under the drop down list, select "Windows Classic"
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  15. Default

    1.Actually now that I think about it, I can't even play La tale without some error (12007) I'll check for any other games later.
    EDIT: Well I found out I can play some Full screen games like this pinball game on my comp.

    2. Well I hope its the take forever to load part >_>. But when I go into task manager it says it is not responding. So, I can go witht he maintenance. Also, I did disk defragment a couple of days ago with defraggler.

    3. Actually that picture is kind of old. Now it says Loading with the mushies and the manual patch download bar (It still doesn't respond.)

    Sure, I can spare 4 gigs. I run CCleaner everyday so I get rid of a lot of stuff on my comp.

    I did get this problem when I downloaded CA... I'll try it later
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  16. Default

    I can't even get the SP1 installation to work, it comes up with an error message at the start. And I have an update which is related to it which won't install either. Woe is me.

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    IGN: MsJudith
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    Would be nice if we could get a picture of said error. Or perhaps a very detailed summary of the message. Including any error numbers of course.

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    IGN: MsJudith
    Server: Windia
    Level: 130
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    In regards to my earlier question about your harddisk space, refer to my section on dealing with lag. It has the steps you might want to consider. This is of course, an easily reversible process with no known ill effects.



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