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  1. Default [Archive] The Unveiling of Masteria

    This thread complies all of the Masteria previews/hints from Nexon America. I will update this regularly.

    From the original thread off of Nexon Forums : (now dead)

    I've copied the staff's posts so you won't need to skim over 150 pages! This thread will be updated each time they post, so we won't need 100 threads about a single post. Some of the latest ones contains clues and hints to future patches. Enjoy!

    Masteria, as it happens

    New Leaf City - July 2007 : 27 maps, ranging from 600000000 to 600020600. Streets : New Leaf City Town Street, Badlands, Hidden Street, Masteria, Bigger Ben, MesoGears. 12 new monsters. No boss.

    Haunted House - October 2007 : 35 maps, ranging from 682000000 to 682000900. Streets : Phantom Forest, Haunted House. 16 new monsters. 1 boss.

    Crimsonwood Keep - August 2008 : 31 maps, ranging from 610010000 to 610020015. Streets : Phantom Forest, Crimsonwood Mountain. 16 new monsters. 2 unconfirmed bosses.
    Crimsonwood Keep Expansion - March 2009 : 23 maps, ranging from 610030000 to 610030800. Streets : Crimsonwood Mountain, Crimsonwood Keep, Party Quest. 11 new monsters. 6 bosses.

    New Leaf City & Haunted House

    June 2007

    July 2007

    August 2007

    September 2007

    October 2007

    November 2007

    December 2007

    Crimsonwood Keep

    Source : (now dead)

    July 2008

    January 2009

    February 2009


    March 2012
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    Nice. I'ma read over these at random times. <3

    This one caught my eye.

    Question about NLC, June 2007.

    Question 2: Will the town include a boss and if so what kind (mushmom type, balrog type, zakum type, etc)?

    This is trickier to answer, but I will say this. I grew up in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I've heard plenty of urban legends. So, you'll have to wait and see for this one...

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    Handy. Now I don't have to look up on the forum when I'm going to quote any of them~

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    Probably talking about that tree boss that looks like a building.

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    That's in Singapore, not Masteria. I doubt that Krexel was even in development at this point, and even if it were, it would be developed by Asiasoft, not Nexon.

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    I've been Isaac owned. D:
    Anyways, what could he be talking about? An urban legend taking place in NYC...

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    Nexon has a very broad definition of "Urban Legend". They consider Headless Horseman an Urban Legend. Myths and folk tales apply as well.

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    Godzilla? King Kong? Just throwing stuff out there.

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    Godzilla would be interesting. It can stomp, it could explain why Crimsonwood Keep looks so dead.

    How exactly did the Boss-Hunters die? o_0

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    Their base sunk into the ocean, lol. I would imagine after that it didn't take long for the remaining members to quit/ be defeated.

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    I really hope they don't do the Jack and the Bean Stalk idea some people have mentioned. We already have a cloud town, we don't need another. I mean, I guess if they happened to have a PQ or boss at the end of an area (such as the Vineland area), that would be alright, but a "town" based around what is at the top of the beanstalk would suck. In fact, now that I think about it, fighting a giant would be pretty cool, so long as they make him big enough. I just don't want to have a full-on cloud town in Masteria.

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    Yeah. Bigger than HT and stuff. Like, humongous.
    Now that I think about it, Maple is the only MMO without some over the top big out of hand monster to fight. HT is big, but not huge. Same goes for Z.

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    Giants can stomp. :o
    Maybe they have one that fell down the bean stalk, and you have to defeat him, as he's angry and scared, then take some kind of article up a bean stalk, the jumping that's been described, to let his friends know where he is?

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    Krexel is huge ;D

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    But we don't have em. ._.
    Off Topic - Why are there ads for MS hacks at the top of my screen while i'm on these forums?

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    Keywords are probably "Maple Story". Hacks have a lot of ads. :/

    <3 Ad Blocker

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    Well it looks like we are getting pq. im hoping i can do it. T-T



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