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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Simple Question about Fake

    Does changing what's on your F2 button change the facial expression that you make when Fake works?

  2. Default

    No. It doesn't activate your F2 Button, it simply puts a mask over your face, so it looks like you F2. Same way it makes shiny crap appear when you attack.

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    No, it only makes you do the F2 face for a couple seconds.. the amount of time you spend F2'ing during fake is actually less than if you pressed F2.

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    Just like changing what's on your F1 button doesn't change what you do when you get hit otherwise.

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    Yes man I agree!

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    some people are just trying to get their post count up so they can join the pineapple guild in khaini XD

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    Who the hell looks at their post count? I don't automatically look at responses to a post when I look at one.

  8. Helium Atom
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    If you want, you can immediately cancel that F2 with any other expression lol.

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    they werent even the same answer

    all three posts before you said something completely different --- and you pointing out "spam" is more more spammy then the spammers spam -- take a look in the mirror



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