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  1. Basic0 Elemental Weakness Questions

    If someone can fill me in on how the following scenarios works:

    Paladin dual charges A + B and attacks a mob.
    A Strong + B Weak:
    A Strong + B Neutral:
    A Strong + B Strong:
    A Weak + B Weak:

    Also, the same scenarios except the mob is Physical Strong (Pink Bean).

    F/P Mage attacking Pink Bean with maxed Elemental Decrease.

    Battle Mage attacking Pink Bean.

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    Default Re: Elemental Weakness Questions

    Elemental reset removes the element of the skill you are using INCLUDING physical element so the f/p would do its normal dmg on all mobs. Any skill that does not list an element in the extractions is physical element so a BtlM would do 1/2 dmg to phy strong mobs. (I have tested this against the fairy queen)



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