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  1. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default lunar dew quest on jett

    wait what? does that mean they can get the TB skill too? or it is used for another thing?

  2. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    Try it and find out.

    I honestly believe that if you get the Empress' Might Quest, you will probably get the lightning one too.

  3. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    On a related note, do GMS cannoneers get the option to do this quest? EMS doesn't seem to have this (or I just can't find it O_o), and I do remember some GMSer saying they could get it.

  4. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    Not 100% sure on that. I know that Dual Bladers can get Vampire, So i would assume that Cannoneer would but nobody I know ever proved that they had it.

  5. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    I tried to get Sharks on my Cannoneer but I never got the quest for Empress' Might.

    However, I know for a fact that DBs can get Vampire since every DB I saw in PvP had it.

    Honestly though, almost everything Jett has is better than Sharkwave (since you can only start Empress' Might at lvl70). The only reason it's a good skill is because the two explorer pirates in 2nd/3rd job have a lacking in damage, mobbing, mobility, range, or all of the above. (Jett excels in ALL of these)

  6. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    Would Cannoneer want the shark wave thing too? And it would be weird that DBs but not Cannoneers could get the UA skill quest...

  7. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    Not really... the Cannon Drill thing is good enough as a training skill especially since it hits 3 times.

    The only reason I wanted Sharks on my Cannoneer was to PvP with it :v.

  8. Default Re: lunar dew quest on jett

    The quest is difficult the last time I did it, or was it another quest?



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