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    Default Phantom Unable to Zakum

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:
    Apparently Phantoms cannot start zakum pre-quests, because the thief 3rd job instructor does not recognize you as one.

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: Phantom Unable to Zakum

    Damn, they can't go to Aliens, their final attack doesn't deal any damage and they can't even go to Zakum? :S
    That's some serious pomegranate.

  3. Default Re: Phantom Unable to Zakum

    Did you try all 5 Instructors? I believe in JMS the wrong instructor cares about Phantoms.

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    Default Re: Phantom Unable to Zakum

    You can go to the Alien Base Corridors if you have Mystic Door, hehe.

    .. actually, anyone can go in there with Mystic Door. I realized that today.

  5. Default Re: Phantom Unable to Zakum

    Doesn't work.



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