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  1. Default Let's Play Maplestory (part 1)

    So yeah. My first video.
    I know it's boring, but like if you enjoyed it. Dislike if you hated it.

    I'm probably going to be posting around the forums, so see you around.

  2. Default Re: Let's Play Maplestory (part 1)


    If you are doing a "Lets Play" of this horrid game, You should include from Character Creation and beginner quests. Without them, viewers will get a misinterpreted view on how characters are made, etc.

  3. Default Re: Let's Play Maplestory (part 1)

    Haha, I added the "le" for that kind of reaction XD.
    I still have the video files of character creation, etcetc. Should I post that as an "Episode 0" or something like that?



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