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  1. Default Alternate idea of the final hero.

    Oh well, left this unfinished since last year, found out yesterday and was enjoying the fact i had no classes today to finish this.
    Took me about twenty hours total, everything done on SAI and by hand, so, sorry for any weird mistakes :S

    "She's supposed to be a brilliant scientist raised by the Black Wings, she later became a commander and was responsible for building weapons for her army, as well as leading armies to steal other weapons; because of her help since the beginning of the Black Mage's journey, she was blessed with many benefits, but she started to question herself about what she has done; she was later convinced, after a series of painful events, to join the Heroes and work as a double agent.

    After the long battle between the Maple Heroes and the Black Mage, her curse was the most terrible one; furious about her betrayal, the Black Mage made her fall under his control and become a weapon for the Black Wings, she had to leave the place so everyone would think she was responsible for the other heroes' curses, she then woke up in her homeland, that was destroyed hours ago by her own hands; she remained under that curse for many years, destroying many lands, and becoming what she was so familiar with; a weapon.

    She was then sealed up by the other commanders because they knew that if she regained conscience, she would be quite a risk for their plans, having her energy drained and still being locked up, she may someday escape, and fight to get back her friends, and get her vendetta, all the darkness she has learned with him, shall be used on her own master."

    Her weapons are a powerful mechanical scythe, and her skills involve both magic and physical fighting by using her mechanical armor.

    The light of truth can only be revealed when the Maple World falls under complete darkness.
    Laure - The Destroyer. :>

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    Default Re: Alternate idea of the final hero.

    >red/dark armor
    >that headpiece

    i'm sold man.

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    Default Re: Alternate idea of the final hero.

    I like, I like.

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    That looks really great, now we just have to wait for someone to mistake it as something real.

    @Corn; Is gonna be pleased.

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    Default Re: Alternate idea of the final hero.


    Vary nice scythe sir.

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    Very cool. Love the idea.

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    Default Re: Alternate idea of the final hero.

    For a second, I thought this was real, since I didn't read the text >.<
    The Scythe is a weapon type I've been always wanting in this damn game. I'm sold.



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