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  1. Default Elemental Staves + Elemental Negation

    I have a question regarding Elemental Staves, and the skill that negates Elemental Affinity on attacks.

    Say for example, I am Evan with an Ice Elemental Staff casting Blaze/Flame Wheel. If I use the Elemental Negation spell (Or whatever it's called), do I still receive the damage debuff because I am using Fire spells with an Ice Staff, or does the Elemental Negation spell remove the elemental buff/debuffs on the Elemental Staves?

    I'm curious because I have an Ice Staff I use on my Battle Mage, and I want to use it with my Evan, but Evan's 100+ skills are mostly Fire, which would screw over my damage. There's no Fire/Poison Staves on the market, so there's no option of buying a Fire/Poison Staff instead. In fact, nothing better than what I have is currently available on the market, everyone is MTSing everything like crazy, it's driving me nuts. So if the Ice Staff is usable, I would like to use it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Last I heard negation has no effect on it, because negation only applies to the type of damage done, not the calculation itself for base damage, which everything else does.

  3. Default Re: Elemental Staves + Elemental Negation

    Yes, you will still receive a penalty/bonus when Elemental Decrease is active.

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    Damn that sucks. Thanks for the info.



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