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  1. Default Internet through your mains.

    Has anyone used a product like this before?

    I'm moving my computer from the study into my bedroom and there's two problems.

    1) my PC doesn't have a built in wireless card
    2) even if it did, my router wont reach my room.

    Someone suggested these, but I'm curious if anyone's used them before and if they work decently.

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    I've used a wireless adapter for my desktop and it worked pretty well. You do need to have enough wireless signal though. I know there retransmitters or something that re-amplify the wifi signal so it gets more reach, try looking into something like that too.

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    I use a pair for a pc at the other end of my house. The Wi-Fi signal was just too sketchy. They are super easy to set up and work flawlessly. I think Iíve been using them for about half a year now and never had a single problem.

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    I use one right now for my XBOX 360 and a few other items on that entertainment center that I didn't want to use WiFi for.

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    I've ordered a different pair of the mains ones.

    My house layout is too sh`it to have a decent WiFi signal upstairs with the router downstairs. My phone craps out every few minutes and the laptops don't connect well at all, so I wasn't going to buy an adapter.

    Plus, I didn't want WiFi on my main computer because I always have bad luck with WiFi signal.

    All in all, this woulda been the best option for me.

    Any downsides to using these?

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    You can't use one on/through a surge protector so it basically requires the entire outlet depending on the size/shape.

    On some smaller ones you can put it on the lower outlet and run a surge protector out of the upper to reclaim space/plugs.

    It supposedly puts more strain on your wiring too, so older less insulated wiring may be at risk of overheating and starting a fire.
    Depending on the path your wiring takes you can experience some bandwidth degradation but it's not usually a lot. '

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    I think the wiring in my house is probably gonna be pomegranate, so is turning them off when not in use the best bet?

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    I'd consult an electrician on that.

    It's probably not necessary unless you have really old wiring, since electricity will be running through your home 24/7 regardless.

    There's also the possibility that turning it on/off regularly would be riskier than just leaving it on, since on/off creates an artificial surge.

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    I use that for my internet TV. although a different model entirely. it borks alot though, had to change it 3 times in the span of 2 years.

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    ok I've got it all set up and it's actually working pretty well. no installation or anything, just plug in and it worked! My router conked out at the same time, so cue me shouting for a bit at the plugs until I realised it was actually my router.

    No major loss of internet speed (was pomegranate to begin with and still pomegranate) but eh, what can I expect.

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    does it work better than wifi ? i might just get one more for my room since wifi signals are pretty pomegranate even though my house is smaller than a toilet cubicle.

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    Yes. That's one reason I have mine for the entertainment center, is it's more stable and consistent and better bandwidth than the WiFi was.

    WiFi is too prone to collision with so many devices right next to each other.

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    so tempting. but i no longer have a desktop so that would be pretty pointless since i tend to move around alot with my laptop. hhmmmm

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    My iPhone's WiFi's been dropping all morning, only staying connected for 10mins a time, whereas my internet on my computer is the same as if I had it plugged directly into a router.

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    y u no get better modem. lol

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    Obviously his modem isn't the problem or his PC would be crapping out too, since both his wifi and his bpl are coming from the same modem.

    Even if he replaced his wireless router there's no guarantee he'd see any improvement since all WiFi has limitations in regards to distance and degradation.

    The best you could ask him is why he isn't using a range extender or repeater, but since he already pointed out his main interest in the BPL is because his computer doesn't have a WiFi card anyway the point is rather moot. He could however take advantage of his BPL as long he got one with more than one ethernet port and install a repeater there at the PC so the WiFi distributes better for the things that can actually use it.



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