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    Default Making Evo rings tradeable

    gaga says to come back to him on 1/31 to make them tradeable...

    are we screwed?

  2. Default Re: Making Evo rings tradeable

    Still a good idea to come back on the new end date of 6th just in case they didn't **** it up.

  3. Default Re: Making Evo rings tradeable

    Nexoned! You have to wait til next year.
    JK, probably nexon changed the quest but not the text.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Making Evo rings tradeable

    I talked to him on the 31st (with a level 10 ring), and he said the same thing.
    That means they changed the date in the quest, but not the text.
    Whether the date is actually the 3rd (first extension) or 6 (second), I do not know. Going to try both.

    Whichever date it is, I'm going to need at least 13 hours of stability to get all my rings to tradeable... what are the odds?

  5. Default Re: Making Evo rings tradeable

    They changed it to Feb. 6th but didn't alter Gaga's text.

  6. Default


    ^He mentions this when you ask him 'What is an evolving ring?'. You can only ask him this on a character that doesn't have their ring fully evolved yet. Don't worry about it too much, Nexon just wasn't consistent when they altered his dialogue.



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