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  1. Cash4 Wich book to choose?? help!

    Well tomorrow is the last day so hopefully maple wont lag in like 30 min and ill try to log in and get the books of the chars i will be lvling pass 120.
    So for canoneer bazzoka 30?
    for mercedes ishtar ring 30
    and for demon slayer barricade mastery 30?
    Are this the right choice?? let me know thanks
    Well if anyone is reading i decided for ancient warding for mercedes, canoneer stays the same and barricade with slayers. Cya
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    Cannoneers I have no idea. Mercedes you're better off choosing Dualbowgun expertise 30. Demon Slayers go with Metamorphosis 30. Or you can do barricade Mastery 30 instead since Meta is still broken. Your choice.

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    Cannoneers- No Clue
    Mercedes- Ancient Warding 30 is Best. More Damage than DBGE30 would give, And AW is more expensive ATM.
    Demon Slayer- Barricade Mastery only because Dark Meta is borked atm.

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    cannoneers get overload 30

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    thanks guys, in the end i got: canoneer bazuka becouse i think its more damage than overload, overload gives you an extra 40% maxed, and if my main atack will be bazooka it gives around 600%+ damage, so i think bazooka its better.
    Mercedes yea ancient warding, and demon slayer barricade becouse of the extra atack, i actually dont get it about the dark meta i saw the description but actually didnt get it.
    So yea thats how i did, almost at 120 with my canoneer woot woot, then i need to rush with mercedes and lastly ds on this week omg!!

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    Overload would have increased your range by a ton. Not telling you how you should build your character but if you aren't maxing overload first you're doing it wrong.

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    Dark Meta creates two orbs which float around your character, damaging nearby enemies, boosting your attack and HP by a ton.



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