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  1. Default Fiel's Rusty Hearts Database - RHArmory

    For the past few months I've been working on a project with ZAM (creators of Wowhead and Torhead) in the creation of a new database for Rusty Hearts.

    You can check it out here:


    If you find any bugs or have any feedback about the site, you can reply to me here or fill out the feedback form on the site. If you already have a ZAM or Wowhead login, you can use that login on RHArmory as well.

    Have fun.

    I do have permission from Eos to post this.

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    Was pestering Shikage to bump his thread so I could post in it >_>.

    Does anyone here still play this? I just noticed they had scythes, which got me greatly interested.

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    reported for adverti-

    i'll mess with it after 2x is over

  4. Default

    Why does every RH video have metal for the BGM when none of the videos fit the fast-paced type of music, LOL

    Looks pretty nice as a database, though.



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