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  1. Default Bodies are weird

    Can't draw bodies, regardless of how cartoony everything I draw looks.

    Weird and stiff.

    I'm sort of mad.

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    Try loosening up. You're too focused on getting the parts of the body down that you draw them out and it makes them angular and stiff.

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    I see....what you didn't do there...

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    XTOTHEL you have such a dirty mind.

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    Try using human bodies as a reference, by using, i mean taking a close look at them. Cartoons are much different, but overall it's the same anatomy.
    Also, don't draw bodies without thinking about what's under clothing. In that picture, for example, the knee is a bit low, and the body just looks without curves. Maybe because you drew the clothes first, piece by piece, without thinking about the body that is under them.

    Take a look at all the shapes of human bodies, and then adequate it to your style. You must transform anatomy to fit your style, but you'll need it regardless of your style. :o



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