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Thread: Chaos Scroll...

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Chaos Scroll...

    So... I got a Chaos Scroll from a Box

    Guess what I did with it

    I dare someone to try.

    And the final upgrade of my HTP...

    Egg's next. I still dare someone to try.
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  2. Default

    lol, I almost gave my chaos scroll to my friend because he was gonna do it on his also. I'd rather have 300m than letting him do that so I said nvm.

  3. Default

    WOW, thats lucky, good it didn't boost up STR or DEX much

  4. Default

    Well, bit off topic, but thanks, finally, proof it affects more than a total +-5 stats, Have some people I need to show this too, xD

  5. Harrisonized


    +2 +3 +1 -4 +1
    Where did it add or subtract more than 5 stats?

  6. Default

    Meant in total lol

  7. Harrisonized


    In total:
    +2 +3 +1 -4 +1 = +3
    Still not over 5

  8. Default

    Thats 11 stats changed.

  9. Default

    that's very lucky, seeing how no stats went down. Chaos scrolls are more like 100mil now.

  10. Harrisonized


    Maybe in Yellonde. It's still 300m+ in Scania
    Anyways, Magic Def went down by 4 points.

  11. Default

    The M.Def went down.

  12. Default

    It sucks that chaos scrolls are still so expensive in Scania, even after all of them got rushed into the market all at once. Some of us tried to bring down the prices by starting a rumor that the gold boxes gave them at a super fast glitched rate, but someone ended up buying every chaos scroll in the market below 200 mil and repricing them. We Failed .

    Anyone know if they're MTSable?

  13. Default

    You're lucky the INT/LUK didn't go down by 5.

    In fact, you're extremely lucky your necklace was generally positive.

    I'd rather have a Dragon Stone for it mind. More Stats; 100% Pass.

  14. Default

    You only get 1 per pendant, chaos scrolls are the only thing to use on the other 2 slots.

  15. Default

    Didn't another version of MS have a quest that allowed you to repeat the Egg quest? (which leaves 1 slot untouched)

    Anyways, Harrisonized, you remind me of someone from KoL who would destroy every and any type of item at least once to see what she would get. The game's creator took notice of this peculiar behavior and gave her a one-of-a-kind, admin gift exclusive Crovacite Wad. She smashed the Crovacite Wad... and she got a Crovacite Wad for smashing the Crovacite Wad >_>
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  16. Default

    From what I heard you can repeat it once per pendant, not quite sure how it works. I don't think there are any versions except betas where it was possible to put 3 eggs on a pendant.

  17. Default

    Really? Any chance that the Dragon Stone can be farmed? xD (probably not, but doesn't hurt to check)

  18. Proton
    IGN: HSforKradia
    Server: Kradia
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    The quest is repeatable only if you drop your pendant.

    In Gms, that's not possible. So, if you reloot you can't scroll again.

  19. Default

    KMS added a quest to get a dragon stone if you have gotten a dragon stone before. HOWEVER, the requirement to do this quest is that your Horntail Pendant is currently clean and you've completed the quest to get the dragon stone once. Thus, it's designed so that if you should do, as Harrison did, and use a chaos scroll on the second slot of your original horntail pendant, but were much less lucky and destroyed it, you could get a second horntail pendant, and a second Dragon Stone to use on it.

    You can do that as many times as you need to, I believe, but chaos scrolls were the motivating factor in allowing it. Basically this quest lets you get a Dragon stone for every clean Horntail pendant you ever come into possession of.



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