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  1. Default [Justice] [Adventurer] Magicians

    Credit to JoeTang for these translations.

    F/P Wizard
    F/P Mage
    F/P Archmage
    I/L Wizard
    I/L Mage
    I/L Archmage

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    Pretty sure the skill in Korean is Master Magic with the first number being bonus magic attack and the second being increased buff duration.

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    Ray right, Master Magic which gives +30 m.att and 50% buff duration increase at max level.

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    Yeah, it was set as 2320010 instead of 2321010. Buff Mastery is an active skill. Whodathunk.

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    There seem to be a lot more variable errors on this one. Buff Mastery was a wrong skillID =[ Why is it criticaldamageMin and not criticalDamageMin

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    Yeah, I just went through and fixed all of the errors. We still love you Joe.

    Because Nexon doesn't like to be consistent with CamelCase.

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    I'm going through it on my end and fixing things up, but the only thing I'm missing is the variable name for Blast's critical minimum damage. It's always been unlisted in the readout, and I didn't know they changed it from #u, to I guess #criticaldamageMin?

    Wall of text vs clean table, clearly shows which one is easier to proofread.

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    Sorry, i moved it to the proper thread.

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    hmm.. this guide says holly symbol has 20 skill levels. but says there are 30. and both of those are all different....
    which one is correct?

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    What patch is coming next? K.

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    I didn't even know Magicians were being changed in Justice. Woohoo?

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    ... that doesn't really answer my question...

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    It gets reduced to 20 in the Union/Alliance patch.

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    Since you can't put 2 and 2 together, Holy Symbol maxes out at 20.



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