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Thread: Discrimination

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Discrimination

    Please stop pineappleing up my thread by making statements such as these:
    Stupid Shyt


    I keep hearing people saying:

    "It's such a shame that the events are only for NX users."

    This is completely stupid. I don't buy NX at all using real life money, yet I was able to completely participate in the last event and even get Gen 30 before a lot of "NX buyers" did, simply because I used the MTS to gain NX. When I ask others why they did not do the same, I find that a vast majority of people still don't know how to use the green Trade button at the bottom of the screen to get NX, even though the function has been out for how many months now.

    NX is a unit available to everyone who plays MS.
    I honestly wish to stop seeing this type of discrimination towards people who are simply using the resources around them.

    (BTW, I also see people refusing to participate in the event simply because the unit being used is "NX", even though they can just convert their mesos through MTS.)
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  2. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
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    How about this.

    "It's such a shame that the events are only for NX users or the rich and powerful Maplers."


  4. Harrisonized


    Funny, cuz the first post on SW is pretty much the same as yours.

    Everyone starts weak. Thus, equal opportunity. Those who became rich or powerful did it by dedicating hours and hours to grinding, hunting, merchanting, scrolling, ect. Thus, why shouldn't they get the benefit?

    It's like saying, "Let's start out at Lv 1 with as much power as Lv 200." Then there'd be no point. If you want power and money, earn it.
    Why not.
    BTW Opeth, go check Quest Kings again... I have a message for you there.

  5. Default

    Perhaps you could share some of your trade secrets to help us noobs with this so called Tradeing thing. I for one happen upon nothing of any value ever and usually end up NPCing all the equips that drop. I haven't the mesos nor the power to make mesos yet (training at Newties takes a lot of money for me.)

    What of those who have no luck? How do they end up with money? I for one have no luck at all when it comes to scrolling. For anything of that sort, you need some start up funds, but for that you need to have sevreal hours of dedication, or NX to APQ with.

    But if you must insist that people use this trade function (I'd be willing to try), perhaps some sort of assitance or Guide will help lower the Anti-NX people.

  6. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
    Level: 210
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Acrylic
    Alliance: Honour


    I never said that the people who spent a lot of time on the game shouldn't benefit.

    I was just stating that the events are only beneficial for those NX users and the richer of the Maplers.

    These are events we're talking about. These are things that happen for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden disappear. If it's a good event, then it should be something that shouldn't be dominated by the rich. The poor should also have the same chances. If you remember a few years back, back when we had that giant snowman. That was a perfect event. The poor, the rich, the dumb, the smart...everyone had the equal chances of having a little bit of fun. Why can't we have more events like that?

  7. Default

    While you do have a point about NX being available to all, its certainly not available to all in the same extent. 5million to 1k NX means you need to spend at least 7.5mil (possibly more with MTS tax) to be able to get 1 key. Not a good conversion rate. Yeah you MAY get lucky and be able to keep funding, but probably not =P
    Remember last years halloween event?
    1-3k to purchase an outfit and you were able to enter the mansion with your CS outfit. These days that is easily obtainable to get and few people would be complaining about the unfair advatange given to the "NX buying community"

    But the average maple doesnt have mesos to burn to continually convert to NX and will never be able to compete with people who will happily fork over to buy 100's of keys and quite likely max their mesos (or higher). That is the divide that is going to happen. Those rich will be able to get richer (and exponentially so). I would not have a problem with this normally if Nexon themselves hadnt made such a big deal over the years of claiming those who don't purchase NX will never suffer a disadvantage over those who do.

    Or they spent a whole lot of RL money to convert into mesos. I'm not one of the people who want the whole game to remain an even playing field, but unless you get some incredible luck, making mesos require either NX or some connections with Zakum/HT. Even Zakum is losing its value as a means to create mesos these days.
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  8. Harrisonized


    pokegeek's post on the identical thread on SW

  9. Harrisonized


    NX wasn't available to all back then as it is now. The Trade came in after fourth job.
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  10. Default

    I attempted a poll on and gave people a (hopefully) wide spectrum of "supposedly" Free to Play games. Then I asked them which one was, in their opinion, not really in the spirit of Free to Play. The results are oh so surprising >_> This is old though, so MS probably didn't have MTS back then.

    Thread here.

  11. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
    Level: 210
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Acrylic
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    "Back then", events did not require much NX.

    In fact, it didn't require any at all.

  12. Harrisonized


    Run a re-test.
    Attitudes change through time, and I'm pretty sure with the release of the MTS, the attitude might change (as in the %s or people voting for each category.)
    October is their month of releasing NX quests. Other months, they didn't do that. I'm pretty sure they won't make the Christmas quests NX related.

  13. Default

    I have to agree. Even though these events greatly favor NX users or those rich in meso, it's very easy to get NX in MTS. A lot of my friends who were poor before managed to earn over 1 bil from these past two events. They got Gen30 from the crystal event and Chaos Scrolls from the chest event. Although I'm incredibly jealous of their luck, it just goes to show that poor people aren't completely out of the loop.

    For MTS, ATK WGs sell rather quickly. 10 Atks are usually around 15k and 8 Atks are around 5k. Good deal in my opinion.

  14. Default

    I just looked through the thread and it seemed like MTS was out already. You could be right with the attitude change though, since what motivated me to write up that thread was because people kept on complaining how MS wasn't really F2P anymore, and how much it sucked.

    Some reasons people cited for MS being more P2P than F2P was because of the total expenses you could accrue, while some of the other games were pretty much pay once, get the whole package. I thought this was interesting.

  15. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
    Level: 210
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Acrylic
    Alliance: Honour


    If you guys re-read my second post in this thread, you'll see that my problem is that you need to spend money to enjoy these events.

    I don't care about using NX for 2x exp or 2x drop. I don't care about using money for getting hair or pretty clothes. It's fine if you want to use your money on those things, if it's going to help you enjoy the game more. My problem is that people should not be spending money on these events. Events are supposed to be fun little things that wrap people into the game more. They are things that stop the mindless grind and give you something to look forward to.

    Everyone should be able to enjoy these events. Everyone.

  16. Default

    Let take the last 2 events as an example.

    With the crystals and at the rate monsters drop, you're looking at getting mediocre items. With NX, you have a shot at getting good items.

    With the chests, no NX = locked chest. NX = possibility of getting something good

    With that said, you can MTS, but you need something people want on MTS. A general rule of thumb is money makes money. NX makes NX. MTS is a a form of conversion. You can convert items to NX through it, but it doesnt give you NX, like how NX cards does, and it doesnt increate the total influx of NX, which can only be bought/won (maple points). Therefore, saying NX is available to everyone isnt necessary true.

    My 2c (AUD)

  17. Default

    TC, don't bother with these people. They don't want to work for anything.

    You guys want a guide on how to get rich?

    - Start at level 1
    - Get to level 40
    - Do the glove attack quests from ludi, just kill monsters
    - Do the 300 fried chickens, get 30% shoe jump
    - MTS all of that, you should have enough mesos to buy a 1.8k NX store permit

    - Everyday, or at least everyday, try and go through FM and look for deals. You don't have to always get a +5m profit, lots of small profits of 100~200k add up. It takes work to be rich.
    - You just have to raise 8~10m in those 90 days to be able to MTS the mesos back into NX.

    Repeat this, and you'll always have enough mesos as you'll be continously merchanting. Buying NX isn't required, it just makes the game easier. Just because some people fail at doing this, that's your problem, not Nexon's.

  18. Default

    I am backing Harrisionized..
    If you are like 50+ you can go kill King Clang and MTS his
    60%- glove att claw att overall Int
    Now shuttup

  19. Default

    Gold boxes are selling fro 20 mil in Bello...
    And Silver for 300k-1mil.
    But if you can't kill anything to get them...
    Then you are out of luck.
    And no one cares.
    MTS a permit.
    Then sell those boxes cheap then buy glove att scrolls then MTS them then shuttup

  20. Default

    EVERYONE can.
    Unless it has that litte NX only symbol on it MTS allows FOR EVERYONE to use it.
    You can tell me all day how you shouldn't have to farm and waste YOUR time to get NX through MTS.
    But I WORK and WASTE my TIME (sorta) to earn CASH for my NX.
    So really...
    I don't what you mean.
    Cause if I spend 50+ hours hunting crackers for 2 pies
    or 2 mins buying some NX
    My TIME to work ratio is going to favor BUYING NX



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