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  1. Default [SC2] TeamLiquid StarLeague 3

    Who else is watching the TeamLiquid Starleague 3?

    $34,500 prize pool.

    Here's the Brackets and the Free Stream.

    FruitDealer (KOR) vs. ThorZAIN (SWE) right now

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    ThorZAIN takes the first game in an upset! I feel so bad for FruitDealer.

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    For some reason i always end up cheering for the zerg in TvZ.

    Edit: Fruitdealer got completely outplayed in second match.

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    Me too. TvZ is so hard on Z. Not to mention that FruitDealer was the crowd favorite.

    Too bad FruitDealer just lost 0-2. :(:(:(:(:(

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    Oh yeah! SlayerS_BoxeR vs NightEnd.

    This should be entertaining. I really like TvP.

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    hmm i might have to watch, ive been watching gsl with a friend who has access to those videos and slayer always sucks, never seen him play well. GO TERRAN :D

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    God damn, I was so looking forward to seeing Tyler destroy Strelok but I had work and only caught the last few minutes of Thorzain vs Fruitdealer.

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    This will be interesting.
    But i kind of predict boxer winning. No idea why, i just feel like that.
    Haven't personally seen nightend before, so can't judge it too much.

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    Lim Yo Hwan HWAITING

    He tends to be better at micro than macro and cutesy strategies, and I don't know how well his TvP is in SC2. But I'm always going to root for the crowd favorite. That's just who I am.

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    lolwhat? Boxer had that game oh my goooooooooooooooooood

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    wtp? Boxer left?


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    I think it was a disconnect.. >_> poor guy

    Edit: Phew he got the game, he had that game won, he steamrolled the protoss in that battle.

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    Awarded to Boxer! YES

    He so had that game. No way P could come back from that.

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    I'm actually amazed NightEnd lost that fight. Godly EMPs by Boxer, otherwise, the Protoss Army demolishes a tankless Terran army.

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    "I'm as ready as a five year old at the top of a water slide".

    But anyway, where's the thread on the TL Forums? Where are people posting about this?

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    IdRa: "BoxeR sucks."
    IdRa: "Boxer is horrible."
    IdRa: "Being the Emporer of E-sports is an good skill toi have."

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    Thread exploded 20 pages when the DC happened. Tal'Darim Altar is apparently ridiculously Protoss favoured.



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