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Thread: Quest Kings

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Quest Kings

    This is a remake of the Quest Kings thread made by Copious.



    1) This thread is no longer being updated on The reason is that the moderation there pisses me off.
    2) If someone wants to, he/she may go make an identical thread on SW and rip off my numbers when I update. Just don't forget to remove the links for the Profile links.
    3) To ProxyHunter, LongShotJohn wants to thank you for everything.


    Rank) # Quests ~ IGN ~ Server ~ Profile *[SW]

    1) 595 ~ IcyTwinkie ~ IL ArchMage ~ Khaini ~ MCN
    2) 593 ~ IsaacGS ~ Bowmaster ~ Khaini ~ IsaacGS
    3) 573 ~ LSuhalla ~ White Knight ~ Windia ~ Lugin
    4) 562 ~ LongShotJohn ~ Marksman ~ Windia ~ LongShotJohn
    5) 550 ~ Firehuntah ~ Shadower ~ Scania ~ Firehuntah
    6) 547 ~ FrozNlite ~ FP ArchMage ~ Khaini ~ FrozNlite
    7) 545 ~ Tyforexis ~ Bowmaster ~ Windia ~ Kiekoru
    8) 544 ~ Wolfman2k7 ~ IL ArchMage ~ Bera ~ Wolfman
    9) 543 ~ Nihilae ~ Bishop ~ Khaini ~ Joe
    9) 543 ~ Combattente ~ Sniper ~ Bera ~ Combattente
    11) 541 ~ Harrisonized ~ FP ArchMage ~ Scania ~ Harrisonized
    12) 538 ~ 123Thomas123 ~ Bishop ~ Khaini ~ Thomas
    12) 538 ~ iBubbleFlame ~ FP ArchMage ~ Bellocan ~ Kaasoljoyyx
    14) 529 ~ FelixTM ~ Bowmaster ~ Bera ~ FelixTM
    15) 526 ~ Xakris ~ FP ArchMage ~ Bellocan ~ Xakris
    16) 522 ~ XxSilencer ~ Night Lord ~ Bellocan ~ XxSilencer
    16) 522 ~ NNe00 ~ Dark Knight ~ Windia ~ ne0ne0ne0
    18) 519 ~ BeanTheMage ~ FP ArchMage ~ Mardia ~ BeanTheMage
    19) 514 ~ CNHero ~ Hero ~ Mardia ~ dadasl
    20) 513 ~ ScarletWolf ~ Shadower ~ Khaini ~ CJScarlet
    20) 513 ~ Drycona ~ FP Mage ~ Scania ~ Drycona
    22) 512 ~ sidewinderl ~ Dark Knight ~ Windia ~ sidewinderl
    22) 512 ~ SqueakySun ~ Marksman ~ Scania ~ Manda
    24) 509 ~ BoboFiendish ~ Paladin ~ Broa ~ BoboFiendish *
    25) 503 ~ MiSSHaku ~ FP Mage ~ Scania ~ MiSSHaku
    350+ Quests


    To apply, include a screenshot similar to mine, and I'll add you to the list. I'll update this when possible.

    538 Quests Completed

    *If you have Cupid's Courier in either your Available or In-Progress Tab, you must screenshot it or I will not count it.*


    If you have the following quests, I will count them as completed:

    DANGER! <1-G Mushroom>
    DANGER! <2-H Mushroom>
    DANGER! <3-Z Mushroom>
    POLLUTED! <1-Evil Eye>
    POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye>
    Cleaning Up the Streets - Continued
    The Lost White Essence
    Eliminating Blue Mushmom
    Making the Secret Medicine for Transformation
    Inverse Attributes (thanks to FrozNlite)

    The quests on this list are the repeatable ones that are in your best to keep active. Inverse Attributes is on there because it is unfair towards the ArchMages who have it completed. Note that the Cupid's Courier quest is not counted here.

    Reason for "Inverse Attributes":
    About the other quests that are not on there...
    Not all the repeatable quests are on there, and for good reason. Many of the repeatable quests are the ones that you may finish (almost) immediately after starting. The glitched quests that are not on there are the ones that stay in your 'in progress' tab. Those won't move anywhere, so since, again, most of the people on the list have it completed, it would not affect your score in relation with other people.

    Thanks to Kaasoljoyyx for a laconic explanation for why I did not include certain quests:
    So, having said that, for these kinds of quests, submit a screenshot like this:

    3 Active Completed Quests


    Note 1: [Guide] The evil, broken quests by Mira...
    Yes, I know there are some broken quests and you may have completed them. However, I will not count them. The only glitched quests I will count are: "Inverse Attributes" (because, as mentioned above, it produces an unfair disadvantage for all ArchMages) and "Cupid's Courier" (because apparently the jumping back to Available list was intended.)

    Source for Cupid's Courier: "Pio and the Recycling" and "Cupid's Courir" - answer about issues from Nexon by maststef
    Because of the way Cupid's Courier works (now confirmed not a glitch), without counting it, people need to redo it every time they update and it makes updating a hassle.


    *Note 2: The cutoff is 25 people, but as long as you have above 350 quests completed, you make it into the spoiler.


    *Note 3: Two people with the same quest number... the lower leveled will be ranked before the higher leveled (because lower leveled players have less quest options, and... well, less levels to complete the quests.), but both will have the same ranking numbers.


    *Note 4: A good way to get more quests is by doing...

    Lost Medal / Every 72 Hours

    Lost Saddle / No Delay

    Papulatus' Counterattack / Every 24 Hours

    The Lost Piece of Crack / No Delay

    Re-Acquiring Zemunist Cape / Every 72 Hours

    Re-Acquiring Alcadno Cape / Every 72 Hours

    Re-Acquiring Dr. De Lang's Notes / Every 72 Hours

    These are really the only ones that the higher leveled population can still do.


    *Note 5: haha01haha01 posted a very comprehensive list of all the quests associated with dropping items.
    I removed from the list the ones mentioned above.

    list of the "the lost x" style quests

    It's very unfortunate that there are so many quests that cannot be done now that we're at a higher level.


    *Note 6: If you cannot make the list, there's always UNquest Kings made by ZYXWVUT, and How many quest's have you completed(?) made by Andehz


    ~Happy Questing and Good Luck~
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  3. Harrisonized


    LoL. I was looking at the SW quests, and noticed your post there, and searched for it.

    I saw that thread, but it's not updated, and more like the 'Flaunt your damage, items, stats threads in each of the class sections.'

    Not really in ranking style and not really updated either.
    More like, just random people posting their quest numbers... like the leaf stat thread, if you know what I mean...
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  4. Default

    Nonetheless, there is already a topic for this, and this one is in the wrong section. A merge/deletion of one or the other and a movement of this one needs to take place. No one seems to care about our Quests subforum.

    Also, a ranking type system for quests based on number completed is horribly stupid, honestly. If you're going to do one, don't split them into separate lists. If you're going to do that, how are you going to make it fair? Why doesn't each class get their own list (we have different amounts of "Job" quests)? Why isn't there one that splits apart the people with more "Events" quests (the biggest difference in "scores" comes from whether people did all those Cash card quests or not)? It's best to just make one simple list, because there's TONS of things that make a Quest ranking unfair and unequal from person to person. Splitting it up by simply NX or not is retarded.
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  5. Harrisonized


    It's in the General on SW. Why not be in the 'General' in here? And you stated it yourself, nobody looks at the Quests subforum.
    That thread is dead...

  6. Default

    My point was that a thread like this, if maintained, can actually draw people to it. I'd rather our Quests subforum actually got some attention. How about you? Or would you rather watch it die? Why don't we just delete it?

    I added additional thoughts to my prior post, as well.

  7. Harrisonized


    How is it 'retarded'? How is it not fair. The numbers still show up.
    And, I'm not counting NX and non NX by Job quests or Event quests. I know how many quests are available 'naturally' in game without purchase from the CS, since I did all except three. So, if the count exceeds that number, I'll move it to NX quests. Although I can't guarantee that I can distinguish whether the lower leveled people have NX quests or not, I can on the higher leveled people, which is usually the people who have the highest quest number.

    Of course it'll draw people into it. It got 20K views on SW. It might be popular here, or it might not. However, I don't have the power to move it anyways, so it's pointless arguing that.

    And, look at what happened when someone posted the thread in the Quests subforum. If i posted this thread there, then:
    1) It probably won't even be seen
    2) Someone like you will say that my post is redundant

    So no. I honestly don't think my thread will give the Quests subforum some attention, even if it did, it'd only be for a short period of time...

    Sorry Felix. That subforum is dead. People post quest related materia under 'Training Center' anyways, which is why that subforum is dead.

    If you really want that quests subforum to be popular, I think it'd be better is this was moved there AFTER a fair number of people have seen it.
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  9. Default

    I'm done commenting on the whole movement thing, because that's for the mods to decide, anyways. They might as well just delete the subforum, though. >_>

    True questers don't let anything stop them, even NX. I'm saying any type of split in this type of ranking is stupid, because quests are quests. There's tons of unfair circumstances that allow others to get more than other people, but oh well. If you want more people on the list, simply make the list longer - don't think up stupid splits, especially one as poorly divided as NX or not. Because I guarantee you, at least some of those people in the "no NX" section have NX-only quests completed in their logs, perhaps just not as many.

    And iTCG quests aren't even NX-related, but that's besides the point.
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  10. Harrisonized


    Alright, fine. I'll remove the divide.

  11. Default

    I never understood how the quests section got under training center... no 20+ player actually trains on non-party quests =/

  12. Default


    I'll have the Lunchbox quest added to Events in a few days, and I hope to find a Notebook someday (I've found over 10,000 Blue Kent Marrow and spent over 16+ hours there, without finding a single one). That'll be +1 or +2 in a few days, in other words.

    Quests I haven't done (but could):

    All 4 Eraser quests
    All 3 Dragon pet quests
    All x-amount (?) of the Robo quests
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  13. Default

    Quests for Events, iTCG, and Jobs should be excluded.


    How do you not have the glitched "Protect Lucas's Farm" quest on your available section? It's still there for me.
    Last edited by Mark; 2008-09-21 at 05:56 PM.


  15. Default

    No, they should not. There are many unfair things about Quest rankings, but it's stupid to try making it "fair." Quests are quests. Let those that have the most done, no matter what, shine at the top. It's not like they cheated.

    It has never appeared in my Available, my alternate characters' or any of my friends'. I have no idea why you have it. Is your character too new? All the characters I just mentioned were from 2005 and early 2006.


    v Good work on the thread so far, by the way.

  16. Harrisonized


    K. I'm done updating for now.
    No. Event and Job quests are available for everyone. I originally had NX started quests and non NX in separate, but FelixTM convinced me to merge them by saying that true questers don't let anything stop them... and then I thought, yea, that's about right. We can all use MTS to make NX anyways, so all quests are available to us.

    For your second part of the thread, with your quest numbers, please post your IGN (of your main, not your mule).
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-09-21 at 06:23 PM.

  17. Default

    I have not heard of these "Lost Medal" and "Lost Saddle" quests. I assume they're the ones that give you another mount riding saddle and Pap altar entry medal, correct? I've never done them, because I've been worried about dropping such important things. Could I safely drop my saddle and Pap medal to get these quests done?

  18. Harrisonized


    Drop it and find out. LoL.

    Lost Saddle

    Lost Medal

    I know the Lost Medal is repeatable, but IDK whether or not the Lost Saddle is. Someone confirm for me whether or not the Lost Saddle is repeatable. Thanks.
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  19. Default

    I've got 396 quests completed. SS coming tomorrow.

  20. Default

    I have 378 quests finished.



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