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    Okay, I've looked all of these definitions up and everything seems so similar. What's the difference between POP3, IMAP, and SMTP?

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    Very simple? SMTP is for sending messages, POP and IMAP is for receiving messages. POP sends it once (If you receive a message in Thunderbird, it won't appear in gmail, for example), IMAP is like dropbox for mail.

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    POP and IMAP are email retrieval protocols. A client connects to a server and gets email from it. POP generall downloads the messages and removes them from the server. IMAP does not remove them from the server after the client downloads them.

    SMTP is an email transfer protocol. It's used to send mail from a user program to their mail server or from a mail server to another mail server.

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    I believe they all use SMTP so SMTP is separate from IMAP and POP.

    I think of POP as downloading a copy of my inbox onto my computer, and constantly trying to sync the two copies.

    IMAP can be thought of as another view of the same inbox, it doesn't need to sync. There is only one copy of your mail permanently stored.

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    The way I see it is that POP is client sided storage and IMAP is server sided storage.

    If you have a well established mail software, eg Thunderbird, Lotus Note etc (note that I am not saying they're good), that you use to check your mail 24/7, then POP is your preferred method, as it downloads the email once, you sort it however you want with your client and it puts less load on your mail server. However, if you dont, and you want to be able to access your email using different programs eg webmail, then it is best to use IMAP for them.



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