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  1. Default All potential bonuses

    Bonuses by option type

    All possible bonuses for each piece of equipment

    Level = level of the equipment rounded up to the nearest tens
    Job adv range = the job advancement level range in which the equipment would fit (10-30 = 1, 31-70 = 2, 71-120 = 3, 121-200 = 4)
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  2. Default

    Should clarify that in (for example)
    Increase weapon def: level
    The item level gets ceilinged to 10. So a level 78 equip will get 80 wdef.

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    So wait, only tops and bottoms can get Hyperbody? You know, the one piece of gear the only class that needs HB can't get? Wonderful.

  4. Heavily armored Humvee
    IGN: TheSovereignBowi
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: The League
    Guild: Of Draven


    Readable enough. Well done.

    Is it really only tops with the increase on invincibility duration? That makes my pirate very sad.
    When you say ???(90) do you mean anything level 90 or above?

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    Covered that at the bottom =p

    It means that I don't know what equipment those bonuses apply to, and the data identifies it with option type 90. If you've gotten one of the bonuses on something, let me know.

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    Pirates are the only class that need HB?

  7. Heavily armored Humvee
    IGN: TheSovereignBowi
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: The League
    Guild: Of Draven


    Darn. That's the answer I wasn't hoping for. I'm very interested in some drop rate equips myself.

    Is there some difference between increased potion recovery and the increased HP and MP recovery? I saw some warrior armor that was worded along the lines of "Increases the recovery effect of potions and skills: %d% 30". I can't remember what piece of armor it was, but the wording wsa something like that.

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    Yeah, your friend's effect is the increase potion recovery effect. It's like alchemist, but I've heard it doesn't increase the time on potions like apples. By increase hp and mp recovery, I mean like the warrior and magician skills that increase the hp/mp you recover over time. They're called "recoveryUP" and "recoverHP"/"recoverMP" in the data. I'm not exactly sure what "restoreMP" is though.

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    Gogo android pants. Lol.

  10. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Server: Windia
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    There's also the level 40 top/bottom, but those are... well, level 40. Eh. :/

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    Type 20 is weapons, isn't it? Type 40 should be all type of accessories - earrings, eye, face, pendant, belt, ring. For your tops only part, the ??? is 2% chance of being invincible for however many seconds listed in your formula. You missed out on overalls (I think type 53, not entirely sure), they share the same options as top, except it also comes with reduces the numbers of seconds of abnormal status +whatever formula is. For gloves only, the unique primary is 1% or 2% of autosteal when attacked depending on item level. Type 90 is not something GMS has, I know it's not ring, but it could be pet equip but we have nothing of that sort.

    Edit: Nevermind, type 10 should be weapons, type 20 should be armors, which include all non accessories nor weapons, not sure about shields. Which would be helmet, gloves, cape, shoes, overall, top, bottom.

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    Come on, obviously wasn't referring to pirates. I forget pirates exist except when crappy pirate gear is clogging up my inventory instead of literally any other class's gear that i could use. The skills are only available on level 70+ gear, according to this, and archers only have pants up to 40. But i suppose gunslingers need it as well, and what do you know, they can't get it. SE only coming on level 120 gear, when all archers have SE at that point, the exception being a wind archer but no one is going to play a 120 wind archer.

    *sigh* it just seems as though everything KMS does lately is an extra "pineapple you" to archers. Our most valuable skill is up for grabs for anyone, but we can't get most of theirs, and even the ones we could get are far less useful by comparison. Haste for SE? please. When you add this in with Thorns and the ridiculous alterations to the acc, avoid and critical formulas in Big Bang they basically beat the pomegranate out of us and kicked us back to the bottom of the stack. Granted these skills aren't exactly easy to get without spending hundreds on cubes, but the point remains.

    Basically three things that made me want to play an archer:
    1. The ability to hit any monster (No longer true post BB since the only crucial factor in accuracy is level, rendering the accuracy stat worthless)
    2. Critical hits for nice damage (Criticals in KMS are far, far weaker than they are prior to BB. To the point where my wild hunter occasionally hits criticals that are lower than non-criticals in the same attack.)
    3. Eventual 90% Mastery reduces the weak hits which plague us through the prior 120 levels. (Mastery is also really wonky after big bang, and the rate is dropped off as well from 90 to 70)

    I also liked playing Aran and Evan, who have the exact same abilities (high mastery and criticals). Now all 3 of them get severely weakened in big bang. It's very de-motivating.

    anyway back onto the point, only warriors and some thieves wear top + bottom sets at high levels, and they're the ones who need survivability bonuses the least. Putting HB on pants was a moronic thing to do.

    And for the record Evan dragon gear can't have potential, so that can't be the mystery group.

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    Are you guys sure HB can't spawn on overalls? That seems a little off since archers and mages only have overalls to use, no options really.

    edit: also is it like that in kms? did we get an altered version or something?

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    This is a minor thing compared to your big post of Archer rage, but any warrior would kill for a passive speed skill. Why in the hell did Archers a range class get a speed skill instead of warriors a close-up class? Many things about MapleStory aren't thought through.

  15. Default

    Because Archers need to keep their distance and their armor looks much lighter than a Warrior's.

  16. Default

    Yeah, that isn't making any sense. And MapleStory isn't like DFO where you get weighted down with stuff.

  17. Default

    When monsters get close, a Bowman needs to run the pineapple away and reposition him/herself. When monsters get KBed to other side of the map with DB, they need to get back within range quickly.

    And Cyanne didn't put Overalls in the first post, so I'm sure there's a reason for that.

    And what else could logically replace Thrust? There's only so many ways to fire an arrow or throw a star or shoot a gun, etc.

  18. Default

    Again archers stay far away from a monster to attack it. They shouldn't need a +30 speed passive bonus to get away from a monster. Since in most cases they can move two inches and start attacking a monster again, while a warrior has to run halfway across the map/

  19. Default

    It's not actually a big deal to hit max speed though if you use makered gear. Warriors really don't have any useful stats other than str + speed to add... I used those 2 crystals on pretty much every warrior equip I've made. Classes with a useful secondary stat have to mess with 2 stat crystals but warriors don't have that handicap.



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