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  1. Default [1.2.316] More Resistance Changes

    Advanced Blue Aura - +% Defense reduced from 100 to 60
    Super Body - Animation fixed to have the correct delays

    Wild Hunter:
    Crossbow Booster - Animation for the effect added
    Swallow - Animation for the "spitting" effect added
    Flash Rain - Delay greatly reduced (6480 --> 2970)

    And although it's all cash shop equipment, the following might be worth looking at:


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    Why on earth are they still nerfing Battlemages.

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    Flash Rain sure looks sexy now.

  4. Default

    Can't wait to see how their island would look like( i hope its an exclusive island/region)

  5. Default

    They really just don't seem to understand that the wild hunter is weak weak weak. I give up. Like dualblade's thorns being ridiculous but not being changed before it went live, I'm guessing wild hunters are doomed to suck because the KMS team is just so sure that they've made the class fair. And the one possible advantage of having high HP for playing was ripped away from them leaving them with nothing but flashiness.

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    I hope they make a passive Critical skill for Wild hunters :(

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    We need to see more Wild Hunter 4th job videos. Because in the last one I saw (and prolly the only one in this forums) they seem to have a good damage for a lvl 124 character. Maybe thats the concept of these jobs, hard to lvl but very strong in the end?.

    Both jobs, wild hunters and Battlemages need a damage increasement on their main attacks, but NOT A PASSIVE CRITICAL. If wild hunters get a passive crit, they will kill all the other archer jobs. Since when is Southperry in favor of jobs destruction?

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    How is an archer class an archer class without a passive critical?

    If anything, I think they need that passive critical, but they should completely take out their Sharp Eyes skill so the other Archer classes will still be useful. There's really no reason for Wild Hunters to have it. At all. At the same time, they should also reduce the cooldown of Wild Beast, because 300 seconds is ridiculously excessive.

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    I don't get it, they have a passive Critical skill in their beginner book. No one knows how to get it yet.

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    wtp is that:
    nice patch

  11. Default

    A marker of the sort.

  12. Default

    Wouldn't It be better if they got an increasement on their damage instead of giving them pasive critical? I think that would make their damage more stable, getting even better in 4th job with Crossbow expert. They are "Wild Hunters" after all, they follow their instincts and strength to fight monsters instead of skill and wisdom

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    Yay! Finally free NX items for Battle Mages / Wild Hunters? -jumps for joy-

    But more nerfs. -is not pleased-

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    1) Totally not what i expected/what SHOULD have happened.
    2) Oh no. No new pet. :(

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    They put in Skunk/Ducky/Pink Rabbit in CS for 0nx.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious



    Made my day.

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    Its called "Computer Sign Pen"
    Its a black marker. You mark your answers in the answer sheet with this marker.[TEST]

  18. Default

    so probably a touch pad pen



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