1. Create a topic for your MapleStory issue in the Call To Action section. Fill out the template that will automatically appear when you try to create a new thread. Items that do not follow the template will be summarily deleted. At this time MapleStory is the only Nexon game these forums are focusing on.
    1. When filling out the template answer the questions as if your audience has never played MapleStory before - Do not take for granted that they already know what the problem is, or what you expect to have done about it.
    2. Post in your best writing style, in a manner you'd actually expect to be taken seriously if Nexon read it, even as a first draft.
    3. Update your post as necessary to include new information, elaborate and clarify.
  2. Others will discuss and contribute to the topic until it either dies off due to lack of interest, or is recognized as valid Call and promoted to the Rally Board.
  3. Items promoted to the Rally board will be reposted there as there Votes with only YEA or NAY options and no discussion permitted. They will be rephrased into a passive tense to remove as much bias as possible with as much clarity, and a link back to the spawning topic. Any discussion can continue in the original topic.
    1. All votes will be public
    2. If we detect any mults voting there will be a two point infraction on all of the accounts used for voting and all of those accounts will no longer be able to see C2A and sub-boards.
  4. Votes will last for one week.
    1. If a vote achieves 75% in favor of performing a Call To Action to Nexon a new thread will be posted outlining the activity, the topic and the timeline.
    2. If a vote fails to achieve consensus, it will die off and the discussion will be shelved and that topic may not be nominated again for two months.
Only a single Call To Action will be present/active on the Rally Board at any given time.
Calls will only specify a one week time period to take part in them. It may take at least a month to judge whether a call was successful or not do Nexon's general slowness.
New Voting can begin as soon as two weeks after the latest call started (one week after the call "finished").