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Thread: [Khaini] Another Massive Sale

  1. Default Another Massive Sale

    IGN: ShootRocks

    My shop is in FM21.

    25 DEX Bathrobe 525m (non-negotiable)
    79/6 Abyss Shooter - 20m

    Intermediate DEX crystals - 8m
    Wisdom crystals - 1m (100 in stock!)
    Sapphires - 800k
    Diamonds - 200k
    Steel Plates - 500k
    Adamantium Plates - 500k
    Claw Stims - 1m
    All other Stims - 250k

    60% Cape DEX - 4m
    10% Gun ATT - 700k

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    i bought all the adamantiums, thanks!

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    Haha, "all of them"? I still have more. I'm almost a bottomless pit of maker stuff (though I starting to run low. )

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    People buy sapphires for that much now? (Keep in mind that I have almost no frame of reference for prices of anything since more than a year ago.)

    Aren't they just magic attack? o_o

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    Yeah, but magic attack is magic attack.

    It's way worse in Mardia though. Much higher prices, which is weird for us, when we have 40mil Zhelms.

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    Got overall and crossbow stims?

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    This sale was almost a month ago. No, it's all sold - don't have anything anymore.



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