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  1. Default Just saw Half-blood prince

    Glad I went to the midnight viewing. :)

    Stayed true to the original. It was probably the most emotional out of all of them. Definitely the best movie yet.

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    Going to the 3:45 PM showing today. ;_; Lucky you.

    I'm so excited. Already read a ton about it beforehand, and it definitely sounds like it will live up to my hopes. Don't mind what was left out/altered too much, and the added stuff sounds great. I have fears about several scenes, but I'm hoping for the best. I won't truly know anything until I see it...

    No way it could be as disappointing as the 5th movie, though. My goodness.

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    I went to the midnight viewing as well...other than being stuck in the front row sitting beside a guy reeking of alcohol, it was great. And compared to the other movies I thought this one was pretty good :D

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    If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask. I will do my best to make it spoiler-free.

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    How long did you wait in line?

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    Better than Prisoner of Azkaban?

    I thought that was the best one yet.

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    I didn't. I arrived an hour early to avoid those. Well, unless you count the line for concessions - that was only 15 minutes. The theater I went to initially had 3 x 250 seats for the opening show. They had to double capacity due to demand.

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    WHAT THE pineapple. Where I live, you'd probably have to wait one or two hours early (after purchasing your ticket), before you're let into the auditorium, for which you would have to wait another hour before the movie actually started.

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    I also went just under an hour early and the lineup was already really long...we had pre-bought our tickets as well. I wouldn't say the city I'm currently in is large by any stretch of the imagination either lol

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    Just a few questions.

    -Did you consider the other ones a pool of vomit?
    -How's the acting? Ron making ridiculously overacted faces again?

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    I'm not Fiel, but I can answer them lol.

    1. I didn't consider the other ones a pool of vomit, and I really liked this one.
    2. Acting was pretty good. Some parts were a bit iffy, but besides that it was sweet :)
    3. The inferi looked like hundreds of clones of golem from lord of the rings to me hahaha.

    Although I must say, the ending let me down...a lot.

    Not a massive spoiler, but you diehards might not want to read

    Overall it was a good movie though. It's VERY funny, and they really nailed the whole romance part (Ron/Lavender/Hermione triangle). Unfortunately the amount of focus that had took away from the action, though.

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    How was it compared to #3 and #5.
    I personally think #3 has been the best so far.

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    I have not actually seen OOTP (yeah, I fail as a fan), but...


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    Just got back from seeing it.


    All in all, I guess, I definitely had a fun time. It's a good movie in itself, but its flaw is how horribly it handled the ending.

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    Yeah! High five!



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