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  1. Default [1.2.230] Black Magician rears his head

    A new intro scene was created for the Aran class - similar in look and feel to the Cygnus stuff. The below picture is part of the movie.

    And here's the BGM for the intro: -->

    Other images from intro scene



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    Reminds me of Ergoth. >:)
    And is that a yeti and stone golem in the background? >:O

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    He looks mad :(

  4. Default

    That looks awesome. Looks like a big army behind him , and yeah i can see a big Yeti and a stone golem.
    He looks like a cat lol. Reminds me of Captain Claw xP
    More pictures from the movie plz.

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    Why don't normal mages look like that? ):

  6. Default

    Callin' it here. A Wolf.

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    Wow, can't wait to see the full intro
    I kinda like the Aran being a single job race, though I'm really curious how they'll fit in the story
    But Lienne will probably be out soon, with those cute little mobs, so we'll see.

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    Oh dear, the Black Magician is actually a Nazgūl. Watch out Frodo. D:

  9. Default


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    I'm calling it now that the weapons you get from the Black Magician will be called something along the lines of Chaos and will be level 150.

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    Hmm, I distinctly see a Bow, Sword, Polearm, and Wand/Staff. So much for side weapons stealing the show, seems only PA got that special notice this time (only judging from pictures).

    Oh, and maybe those are Tauros? Also, ty for new BG image.

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    I couldn't understand the storyline from the pictures. Can't wait to see the full intro.
    Isn't that the BGM for KoC intro?

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    There's still one more mob (or two, depending on how you interpret it) to do. It's like a Nependeath. I'll get it in a few minutes.

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    i cant hear the bgm...
    and does it mean black magician is finally released?
    first make pink bean timer 3hours and make it have less hp and then release black magician nexon....

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    Who said the Black Magician is a monster you can kill?

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    The black magician is not released. If he had been, I'd have been asdfasdfjkl

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    thats a nice question to ask but think,lots of NPCs speak of black magician and to defeat it,and 'it is the strongest..' or more.
    it must have something about it,you can notice that in all new areas and races its related to black mage:
    pirates' nautilus quests
    knights of cygnus
    ellin forest pq
    and now,aran?
    what about the adventurers..
    we need to wait and see since only time will tell....

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    Nependeath maybe an advancement monster, or a miniboss of some sort? 12,500 is a bit high for a lv 45.



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