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  1. Default Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [SPOILERS]

    Alright you dummies. Time to talk about the real GOTY. None of that CAWA DOODIE, BATTLEFIELD, RAGE, whatever brown 'n bloom FPS, or weaboo RPG you doofuses are playing.

    If you're not brain dead, you should know this game is shaping up to be really promising. 1:1 sword fightan, free runnan games, sick ass bird ridan, getting licked by Ghirahiman. Holy crap on a cracker, it was even compared to Majora's Mask in the side quest department. You can even craft and upgrade your tools. Trying not to give away too much here.

    Listen you chucklefucks. This isn't some Zelda made for babbies either. Remember when Wind Waker started that whole crap? Taking 1/4th damage from nearly everything? Well that is out the window. Everything in SS hits you for at least a whole heart. On top of that, hearts are removed from mowing the lawn. That's right, might actually get to see the 'Game Over' screen for once. (Wind Waker was still a good game though.) Combat is also finely tuned. Straight up waggling won't get you anywhere.

    It has already snagged a few perfect review scores. Including a perfect 10 from Edge magazine which has only given out 14 perfect scores in their entire 18 year career. They're usually pretty harsh and score 85% lower than the average review on Metacritic.

    Are your bodies ready?
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    Odd, doesn't look like an xenoblade chronicles topic.

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    I have had the special edition preordered for like 5 months now. Hype factor is increasing.

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    You're right. Because it's not.

    Deal w/ it.

  5. Water

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    This only makes me more hyped for when it comes out. I forget when I preordered mine. Gonna be nice to have the old challenge back.

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    But Mark it makes you stand up and wave your arms around like an idiot.

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    Fuck off, Rick. I wanna talk about VIDEOGAMES! Not about how you react to erectile dysfunction.

    Need I remind you that this isn't Shenanigans. :O

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    I'm serious. As soon as I found out this game was motion sensor only, I was completely turned off.

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    What's wrong with getting some exercise while playing? Granted this makes it hard to play for hours straight, but it will just last longer that way.

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    Your loss. Lots of vidya journalists have said that the controls aren't bad at all. This makes for some interesting battle options.

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    It's not the fluidity of the controls that I am concerned about. I play video games when I want to relax after a hard day working, I don't want to have to wave various body parts around in an attempt to make a screen recognise what I'm doing. My issue is the motion controls are forced, whereas other Wii games I've played have given me the option to use them.

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    You have no idea how much I'm screaming on the inside, hoping that November 20th will be tomorrow. @_@ I'm dying to pick this game up.

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    So play it when you have free time and not having a hard day. You're welcome.

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    I didn't really know anything about the exact mechanics and whatnot before reading the first post. They really took hearts out from drops? I guess saving is gonna be more important than ever.

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    Not entirely. They said hearts are going to a LOT more rare to find from cutting grass. The level of difficulty is going back to the days of the NES/SNES.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Thank god. I hope they bump up the number of fairy fountains or make monsters drop hearts at a low rate too though. Even if you get a heart from a monster as long as you get hit by it once (assuming it takes out a heart) you break even.

    Brb pre-ordering. ;-;

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    Indeed, my body is ready.

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    I fucking want this game.

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    Can't believe its only a month away.

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    Waiting to see how much input delay there is before I shell out $70 for this.



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