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    Default Restaurant Courtesy

    Why is it that nobody bothers wiping their own tables when they leave?

    I went to In-And-Out last night to find more than half the tables dirty. Is it really that difficult to clean up after yourself before you leave? Why leave everything to the nonexistent waitress?

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    I try to keep clean before i leave

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    Having worked at McDonald's before, I completely agree with this. People are disgusting slobs. I cleaned masses of rubbish off tables that were literally right beside the empty rubbish bins. Someone even found it appropriate to tip the rest of their drink in to their Big Mac box.

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    Better the dining area than the kitchen.

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    Yes, it is.

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    Yeah one of my pet peeves you have to get up anyway, not much more effort to just take your garbage with you and drop it off in a garbage can.

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    i am not sure what in-and-out is, sorry.

    my fiance and i, and both my parents, and my best friend, have all worked in hospitality at some point or another. both our families make it a fun thing to arrange everything on the table so the waittress can carry it away as soon as she gets here.

    we separate the cutlery from the plates/bowls and sort the latter into sizes so they will all stack in a single pile from widest/largest to smallest, and the glasses in their own group/stack depending on shape/number. we collect all the cutlery in a pile in the bowl/plate with the most space. then we use the serviettes to wipe up spills and put that in the topmost bowl.

    it is entertaining.

    for regular restaurants, we sometimes compare which waittress smiles the most when she clears the table.

    i guess it depends on the social norm?

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    I try to do that, but sometimes I wonder if I've just given the restaurant keeper more work.

    I place the glass near the plate, place all the kitchenware on the plate, and also place the paper towel on the plate. Maybe I shouldn't place the paper towel on the plate...

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    I work at In-N-Out and.. the one in Rancho is like this. Really bad too >_>
    I don't have to clean the tables, but whenever I'm on the floor and I see one, I just pick it up.
    Although, you can't really clean up your table if your at a fine dining restaurant. You can't just bring your plates and dishes to the backroom :P

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    What they mean is, leave the dishes and silverware arranged so it's easier on the staff to come pick it up. I agree that if you tried to actually bring the dishes to the backroom in a good restaurant people would think it was weird.

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    It's a fast food restaurant here on the west coast that makes everything to order and doesn't use freezers or microwaves. And they have awesome french fries. All their stores are privately owned (I've heard by family and friends of the original founders, but not entirely sure) and not franchised.

    something I think Ji would enjoy...

    In regards to the original topic, it irritates me to see people leave their crap all over fast food tables too. I mean, most places give you food on a tray... is it really that hard to just take the tray and dump it into the trash when you're done?

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    I always clean up after myself, unless I'm eating at a finer restaurant, where it is the waiter's job to clean up. There too I make it easier for them.

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    It's also probably one of the few places you can (could have?) order one of these babies.

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    I never even make a mess in the first place! O;

    But GEEZ, some people are gross.
    I went to an old restaurant nearby once and it took forever to find a table clean enough to eat at. D:

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    Oh, that's pineappling awesome.

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    That's pineappleing amazing. :O

    How'd they eat all that!? Sheesh.



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