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  1. Default As far as NXWatch goes...

    Nothing good. The whole sale is clothing. The only notable thing is this ("New" section)

    Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant (5) - (2800 NX)

    Also, oddly enough, the Gachapon tickets (the ones in sets of 65) are incorrectly defined as "King Clang". lol. I wonder what's up with that.

  2. Default

    Random renamings. As long as they still work?

  3. Default

    Another new merchant shop? Miu Miu sounds like someone from china..

  4. Default Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant
    5450000.desc Use this to experience the same effect as entering a general store. Can purchase potions to recover HP & MP, throwing stars, and recharge bullets. Some maps restrict the use of this item, though.

    Miu Miu is a panda a la KFT

  5. Default

    So basically you can repot anywhere anytime/carrying around a pot shop with you?
    Any idea what pots it sells?
    And do you have to set up and if you do can others enter or is it an item you use to just enter a shop.

  6. Default

    I think it means..

    Something like that..

  7. Default

    1. Just about anywhere. Some maps have restrictions.
    2. Nope. WZ files do not say.
    3. Only you.

  8. Default

    That is pretty cool. Now assassins have to waste time or Nx to recharge... smart move on Nexon's part.

  9. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
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    Hopefully Miu Miu works with recharging Furies...they need a price spike.

  10. Default

    Is it one-time use? o_O

  11. Can you hear it?
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    I have been waiting for this for some time now, i'm going to miss my fed-ex pot mules thou =/

    Also this may backfire, now botters and map hoggers dont have to move while they train now...

  12. Default

    I believe so, as they come in packs of 5.

  13. Default

    Oh jeez... >_> And in the pack, it's only 560 per Miu Miu. :| Oh well, looks like there aren't NLC pots in there. At least the one from Insoya. Who knows what's going to happen to GMS? D:

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    looks useless unless theres a 4x event and maps are overly crowded.
    if you could use it in HT, that would be sweet

  15. Default

    can you sell? that would be so nice to empty your inventory with this if you need space!

  16. Default

    that would make it better a little.. lol
    newt shells and skele bones can fill my inventory up pretty quick, but idk if its worth buying an NX item just to npc em

  17. Helium Atom
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    When is this sale?

  18. Default

    Yeah, what you want for that is the Maker skill to turn stacks of 100 into single monster crystals. I'm pretty sure they stack to 100, meaning 10,000 etc. per slot.

  19. Default

    That item might me useful to me (wount have to leave WR and have to do that JQ again), but I only get about 25k NX a month, and there are more useful things I can buy with that money. (smegas for guild recruiting and Gachapon tickets for merching)



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