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Thread: [Scania] CWK PQ organization

  1. Harrisonized

    Default CWK PQ organization

    Let's organize a CWK PQ for fellow Southperrians.

  2. Default

    I'm going tomarrow right after patch opens up.

    That is if I can get into a party. 127 Hero =]

  3. Electron

    IGN: SeniorOso
    Server: Windia
    Level: 120
    Job: Wind Breaker
    Guild: YouAreSoCute
    Alliance: Raven


    sign me up!

  4. Default

    I would go on patch day, but i hav a whole bunch of crap to do =(

    So much school work and stress these days ><"

  5. Default


  6. Default

    Who's leading and who's gonna organize? We can do it after the All southperrian Zrun xD

    Since we'll have almost everyone there anyways =3

    If we do it then, i'll be more than happy to come =D

  7. Default

    sign me up!

  8. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
    Level: 172
    Job: ShAHHHdower


    A Southperry CWKPQ would be cool. I'll come as soon as Nexon fixes their shitty glitches.

  9. Default

    I think we should have more Southperry things in general xD

    I hope i can do this PQ with you all. Looks like fun :D

  10. Default

    Can we do the PQ now because it's (hopefully) going to be fixed soon?

  11. Default

    I'd like to join please!

  12. Default

    If the time is suited to me (which would be after about 9:30pm your time Harry) I'll tag along.

  13. Default

    I can probably come.

  14. Default

    Set it up, and i'll decide if i can go or not. If it's on the weekday, then hell no i can't. But weekends are another story ;D

  15. Harrisonized


    delete this doublepost.
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  16. Harrisonized


    PQ organization for Wednesday, March 11, 2009.

    Since our lame assed PQ efforts seem to be failing, with nubs ALL OVER THE PLACE , I have yet to complete a PQ. Seriously this is just hilarious, how every time we reach the mastery stage, we fail.

    Honestly, I am interested in completing a PQ, so in order to do that, we must organize.

    I suggest people who sign up to read this:
    before starting.

    Parties will be divided into the following:.

    Party 1 (Margana party 1)
    1 BM
    a combination of ranged like NLs and Corsairs

    The DK will be in charge of rushing Margana to the edge of the plat so that the ranged can take care of it.

    Party 2 (Margana party 2)
    1 BM
    a combination of ranged like NLs and Corsairs

    The DK will be in charge of rushing Margana to the right edge of the plat so that the ranged can take care of it.

    Party 3 (Remainder party 1)
    1 Bishop
    A combination of any melee and mages

    1 Warrior from this party will be in charge of rushing Red Nirg and Rellik to the left of the map. Shadowers may join the rushing warrior in handling Red Nirg and Rellik. The rest of the warriors will be rushing Hsalf to the right of the map, where the mages and the other warriors

    Party 4 (Remainder party 2)
    1 Bishop
    A combination of any melee and mages

    This party is in charge of killing Hsalf.


    Note: the parties aren't divided in this way purely because of the bosses, they're divided this way so that when we divide and conquer (the mastery stage), the parties can have easy access to the buffs they need.


    Depending on who signs up, we'll make modifications. This run will hopefully start at 8:30~8:45.
    Please do not act nub. Thank you.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2009-03-11 at 08:24 PM.

  17. Default

    nvm delete

  18. Default

    Those partys wouldn't quite work through the pq, as a marauder (never pqed on my NL yet) you need haste to get the sigil on stage 3, also it helps on stage 4... and you need it to climb up the statue on stage 5. All partys should have at least 1 thief... maybe 18 people/3 partys would be better.

  19. Harrisonized


    You don't need haste to climb the statue in stage 5.

    Also, a corsair can just jump up there. Also, if you read, the parties would be modified depending on who signs up. I wasn't expecting a buccaneer but ok.

    Anyways, run's canceled since nobody's willing to PQ. >_>

  20. Default

    We could try it friday. Generally, more people log on on friday.

    By the way, after you left yesterday, we made it to the bosses. but that loverguy nub healed as margana was summoned and killed himself and his party, so it was pretty fail -_-



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