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Thread: FM Courtesy

  1. Harrisonized

    Default FM Courtesy

    When I go to FM, I try as much as possible to squeeze just right or left of the person next to me so that spots such as the one Veluthe is taking opens up.

    The result?
    1) Someone comes in and takes both the spots out of sheer laziness.
    2) Someone comes in and takes both the spots and then opens a shop saying "S> 2 spots." <~ Like who needs two spots at a time?

    What ever happened to FM Courtesy? Why shouldn't we make space for our neighbors?

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  2. Default

    Maplers these days. No common curtesy.
    (Btw, wasn't your image up just a few seconds ago?)

    Definition of the average Mapler (no offense to people on this forum)

    1. Lazy people who have nothing better to do
    2. Stupid people who have nothing better to do
    3. Stupid and lazy people who have nothing better to do
    4. A hacker
    5. Ill-Mannered little children

  3. Default

    Most people in maple lack manners courtesy and common decency. So I wouldn’t expect anything of anyone.

  4. Harrisonized


    Image is up.

  5. Default

    I generally stop doing my business around complete strangers. If they take something from you in MapleStory, there's no getting it back until he decides to let go.

  6. Default

    Im not sure if it's just because I dont really FM or something, but I dont really see a problem with what he/she is doing. I dont fault him/her for "taking two spots" as really, it probably wont matter in the long run. The people around close/open stores and eventually that "extra spot" might not be there anyways. That aside, things can go wrong when resetting up your store. What if that person's spot gets stolen? What if they end up mispricing when they reset up their shop?

    That being said, I'd say its one of those things where you do because you feel it's the right thing to do, but dont expect everyone else to do it as well because it's not a black and white issue. If you have loose change and you give it to a homeless man, then you see a person coming out of a store with change and not giving it to him, are you going to go "yo, give your change to the homeless man. It's courtesy"? In the end, holding yourself accountable is enough and just because you have "higher" standards, that doesnt mean everyone else should have them as well.

  7. Harrisonized


    It does matter in a the long run. If each row in that FM can house 2 more people, then each room can house 6 more people, meaning people won't have to go around looking for spots as much.
    The extra spot is definitely there. Ever check out FM 1? They have the best example of being compact, because their people try squeezing as far as they can to make more space.
    It's greed that creates this fear.
    LoL. I see some flawed logic here.

    Also, if you don't reset your items completely until you find the right spot, then you wouldn't run into this problem. The procedure for this:
    1) Set up an item for 10m
    2) Look at the boundaries
    3) Find the sweet spot, re-open
    4) Set up your items

    Really this shouldn't take you more than 1 minute to do.
    No, because moving FM spots doesn't cost you anything other than a few extra minutes. If someone at a store approaches you and asks you to tell him what direction a certain item is in, would you reply "go look at the signs?" Likewise, I'll compare this to parking spaces. Suppose there is a dirt parking lot where there are no lines. Are you going to park your car ridiculously far from the guy next to you so you can get the extra space?
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  8. Default

    They should remove the FM entirely, make ingame selling like MTS, without shops. Just a general listing that you can search for the item you want. I hate the FM in its every aspect.

  9. Harrisonized


    You know that a large portion of NX Cash goes to buying FM shops and Mush houses? And if they had something like MTS, there would need be tax for a ridiculously high amount and the good deals (if you had ever MTSed) would be snatched, gone within the second that the person clicked enter.

  10. Default

    Couple points:

    1. I am a very nice guy but I would NEVER listen to someone telling me to close and reopen my shop. The vast majority of the time it's a scam, and the guy is trying to steal my spot. Most of the time these scammers, when I didn't fall for it, got VERY rude, calling me various names. So from the perspective of courtesy, try to look at it that way. This guy probably thought YOU were a scammer. Would YOU show "courtesy" to a scammer?

    2. FM courtesy as a whole doesn't happen. People are in there to make mesos. Mesos are money, basically. Almost every human being becomes more aggressive and less polite when money is at stake. I've met people and had hostile interactions with them in FM, without them remembering me I met them again outside of FM, and they were like different people. If you're offering someone what he feels is a bad deal, he has no way to know whether you genuinely did not know the price or just trying to scam him, and ALL FM is some variation of this. If you do not want to deal with FM, get a lot of weddings, marry mules, and sell Apples to HT squads. No FM at all that way.
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  11. Default

    not to mention Owls.

    The thing that makes the FM have a somewhat wide price range is the difficulty to search for each item. The same thing that the MTS has with no way to organize the list by item price.

  12. Default

    1) fm shop costs
    Sell a market license. Low-grade = list up to 10 items per day, high-grade = unlimited. Similar fee schedule as current (low = 1.80 for 3 months, high = like 3 dollars a day)
    Owls - sell something similar that lets you enter item stats instead of item type. "mage equippable overall, 25+ int, under level 40 requirement" for example.
    2) tax - why? :/ 4% on 10m+ transfers is ok.
    3) good deals - they're only good for 1 side of the trade. Letting people search the FM instantly would let them price their goods much more fairly. The advantage (and crashing people to get spots) of FM1 would be gone, prices would be much more fair to everybody.
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  13. Harrisonized


    I already have a spot. Why would I need hers? There is no possible way I could scam that spot out of her. Even if I move over to the middle of that huge hole after reopening, I can take at most 2 spots in that 3 spot hole.
    Then I don't see how that's different from FM other than having a permanent owl, from which Nexon wouldn't cut. Also, it'd make the game much less realistic and thus have less enjoyability.

  14. Default

    The whole FM system is a rip-off and is designed to bleed people of money. Gach is already expensive, but they attach other costs to selling the Gach. They could easily have made all FM like MTS, where everyone saw every item and it cost nothing to list items. But then the Nexon wh0res couldn't rip you off on all the mush houses, owls, chalkboards and whatever other $hit they're selling.

  15. Default

    then take out the perma-owl and make it like mts without searching. only seperate by inventory type

  16. Default

    Oh you do have a shop on that SS. My apologies. I was looking at the chat dialogue

    There's another guy there, in the mage hat. When I took two spots it was usually because someone was there. My guess is she thought she was in competition with the guy in the mage hat and took the spot real quick. Either that or she just didn't care.

    Most of the time I see a spot open (esp on a good fm channel) I am racing someone for it. I don't think there's much courtesy involved in it at all. There were many times when a Hermit FJed out of nowhere and stole the spot I was STANDING on. I freely confess, I mass defamed the f77cker. That's FM; nothing you can do about it.
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  17. Default

    Courtesy in general is lacking in a good proportion of maplers :( FM being no exception I guess. Well, nice of you to try to get them to move lol. I have closed a shop before and moved it over a bit on request of a stranger to try to squeeze in a spot for them. Unfortunately...there was actually no room that time. And when I was doing it I saw no danger of scamming as the person requesting stay quite far away =]

  18. Default

    I play an almost entirely 18+ game now. I've met some rude and unpleasant people, but I have yet to meet a "n00b" as Maplers define them. As long as you have a game largely filled with people who are immature, you will have temper tantrums, youth-caused hypocrisy and lack of manners. I will have children of my own someday, I am now certain I want to save my sanity till then, cause my kids will probably be like that too.

  19. Harrisonized


    You really hate this game don't you.
    He wasn't here when she got there and he moved shortly after this SS.
    She didn't care, after a few moments, she said she was "going afk now".
    That happened to me before too. You just have to be fast I guess. Type the message out in your shop window and copy/paste.
    Yesterday night I was in FM 5 CC 1 Door spot and because I had moved as far right as possible, there existed this gap that was 0.1cm (on my screen) short of having a spot fit, and this idiot nub kept whispering me telling me to give up the spot to him. I agree with you that courtesy doesn't exist on this game. *sighs*
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