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    New Zak hackers notices? lol
    really has nothing to do with the thread but okay....

    On Topic: That's weird. unfortunately i was not on in Mardia at that time so i cannot say why they posted that/if they did in other worlds.

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    well they're GM notices around the time of the PS notice.

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    Somebody used a smega advertising a private server before that notice.

    Truthfully, though, it would be pretty stupid to get phished by a private server. Don't use the same account info on multiple mediums.

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    LOL! I'd like to see where Nexon got the "quite often they're just trying to phish your account information" from.

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    How are they supposed to get your info? :3

    Isnt it embedded in the server? You cant go and look at it.

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    The idea seems to be that people register to private servers with the same account information as the main server

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    In addition to that, I believe that someone made a fake PS site as an attempt to phish for account information. I believe the details of that fake PS was that it would make a copy of your current GMS characters, but required your login ID and password to do so. (I don't remember if they asked for the PIN, though.) They also happened to have advertised that in the FM entrances and via Smegas.

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    GMs are trying to make banning players more interesting... Seriously, have they got nothing else to do?

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    I think a great example for one of the phishing sites is which is spammed in super megaphones and actually asks for your real nexon login information on the site. (and of course is a fake private server site setup just to scam people)



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