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Thread: [Scania] SamuraiXt B> White Scrolls

  1. Harrisonized

    Default SamuraiXt B> White Scrolls


    What happened was that SamuraiXt (one of the godliest merchant I've ever known) had bought a +5 perfect casters using several months worth of profit.

    Initially, he needed white scrolls to get the 1st of the remaining two slots, so he told me to make this thread.

    I told him to dummy scroll and told him how to dummy, so he fails 13 10%s and the next one, used on his claw, pops right on.
    So after that, he was looking to scroll the last slot. He had 3 white scrolls at the time of the above screenshot.

    One day after the above screenshot, he failed all three of the white scrolls.
    Two days after, he got impatient, being unable to delay gratification, he used a 30% + one white scroll and the claw broke.

    He quit that character after that, deciding to make a hero. </3

    So, SamuraiXt is no longer B> White Scrolls.
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    Ouch. He broke it? Bummer

  3. Default

    Ouch, that must suck assss! BTW if this makes him feel any better, that claw only had 3 30%'s and 2 60%'s when he bought it!



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