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  1. Default DFO General Discussion - Part 3

    Welcome to part 3 of the DFO general discussion. (Needed for a long time)

    -General Information-
    It has been a while since we have had a thread here, but we do have an active Southperry DFO community, even if it is a bit small. For those who are interested in DFO the information for the game is below:

    Dungeon Fighter Online serves up arcade-style action mixed with an epic storyline and RPG elements in a vibrant world under siege.

    -Southperry Guild-
    Southperry has an active DFO guild that recently got a 500 man cap with over 300 members from this community and in-game. We accept all members here and their alts, even if it is Fenix and his 30+ alts. If you are interesting in joining or coming back just apply and we will let you in. Before the expansion to 500 members it was tight so we did have to kick some alts and inactive users, so feel free to come back if that is the case, or apply on any characters.
    We have an active Discord: There is also two more discords that our members are a part of if you want them ask below or in guild.

    -DFO News-
    The game has been re-released on Steam: For those interested, this should be for new and returning members who want a new account. Old accounts can't be linked up, but you can play the steam version and if you want info on that ask in the guild or below.

    We have also recently started Season 2, Act06: Part 1 This introduces a new class, the demonic lancer.

    I think that is all to open the general chat, so keep this once alive for a bit. Long Live DFO 4 Ever.




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