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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Specially Made Scrolls

    I came across this in the MTS.

    Apparently it belongs to a guy called Dmac14fly2...

    I was pretty surprised. I didn't even know these existed... so now I'm wondering how one would obtain such scrolls and why there's "Specially made by" but no IGN. f6

  2. Default

    When use items are (Were? not sure if this still happens) given as gifts at a wedding, they get marked with that description.

  3. Default

    This is correct... But what happens if you stack them with a normal object? The description goes away, or does it give it to the others? I guess it's either unstackable or that it goes away.

  4. Default

    It goes away, and stacks. In MSEA at least; i tried it during my wedding last month.

  5. Default

    Yeah, it's just some weird wedding glitch. I got some specially made subis and amoria baskets and stuff a long time ago; the tag is pretty much useless.

  6. Default

    Yea, I got some kumbis like this from my wedding. I always found it amusing. :D

    It still does this today as well.

  7. Harrisonized


    Tag all your ilbis so you can track them. =)



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