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    So today i started the LHC quest which i need to collect 200 Reindeers Spears and for now i've got 150. I decided to go hunt Big Spaider Familller card so it will be easy for me.
    Suddenly i saw that the red ball above him started to be black. what happend when this ball is turning black?

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    it returns to ur book and you cant summon it for a few minutes, but if the glitch is still there you can just cc and it'll be full again

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    Ohhh ok so you made me relax. I thought i need to hunt the card again

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    It's not a glitch, and if it has already been unsummoned (returned to the book), then it's too late for the CC trick. The red ball is the familiar's vitality, which gets used up when it attacks monsters for you. (No, there is no way of making it not attack.) If you see the vitality running low -- if, say, more than half of it has turned black -- you can CC to return it to the book with full vitality, and resummon whenever you want. However, if you wait for it to run completely out and it returns to the book on its own, then you'll just have to wait for it to refill slowly on its own too.

    A familiar can have up to three of those balls (vitality orbs), cutting down on how often you have to CC, but you'll need three familiar cards to get that.



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