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    Default Luminous & Angelic Burster Smithing?

    Seeing that the recipe guide topic cant be posted in anymore. I'm looking for the smithing list of weapons for luminous and angelic burster weapons. I have looked all over and cant find any info regarding it

  2. Default Re: Luminous & Angelic Burster Smithing?

    cant answer that but why cant u post in the recipe guide topic?

    Edit: since all the other weapons of the same lvl range follow the same recipe minus the switching of which type of lvl X ore it should be fairly simple to get what you need.(EX. all reverse weapons have same materials except for dark or black crystals.) Unless u were planning on masses a particular type, then I cant help.

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    You can't post in that topic as it's too old @person above me. I couldn't find an answer either but I'd basically say to follow x materials followed by level of jewel + plate of character type (Warriors use only Topaz for level 90, I believe- as an example).

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    The dude with the crafting thread updated it like 10minutes so. so it now has the recipes of the luminous and faily girl.



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